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    Shot for the mention, I've got stock of https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/green-crack-cbd-feminised-seeds-sa/ THC content 6% CBD content High (5% +) However can get lower thc and CBD 20%+ though will be an import and you'd have to wait 1-3 weeks. I'll have a look later tonight and reply here.
  2. First local seeds sale already and collected 🤣 🤗 best community in SA
  3. Hi guys, I've been working hard on the Cannabist site and happy to say I am now offering locally stocked international breeders via our site 🙂 There are a few images that need to be uploaded but otherwise looking good. I am keeping the local stock at the same great prices, now you just get them sooner, delivery estimates are 1-3 working days (CT is often same day) I have also reworked the filtering and added some more info to the products. If you'd like to check out the stock, visit https://www.cannabist.co.za/cannabis-seeds/tag/in-stock-in-sa/ I'd love to hear any feedback, bugs, hate... Have a lekker day ❤️ https://www.cannabist.co.za/ *edit - Aware of issues with the menu on mobile devices, sorting it out
  4. All orders have been picked up and on the way 🙂 Just a reminder that orders can be tracked via https://www.thecourierguy.co.za/
  5. Hi guys, all those that ordered over late December and Jan so far - all being picked up in the morning. Thanks for the support and enjoy the special ladies.
  6. @Master_G Just a update, beans are being shipped from Europe and will arrive on Monday / Tuesday. Once we receive them, they will be sent out via local shipping Asap. We will include some decent promo seeds to make up for the delays over the festive period. We hope you had an amazing Christmas!
  7. Hi guys and @cee2020 as requested, As mentioned once or twice around the forum - we have brought in some international breeders and holding some stock locally. We are busy splitting up our site into import and imported breeders that are in-stock in SA. As always, seeds are in original breeder packaging. For now, if you'd like to place an order - copy the SKU and send quantities, drop us a mail at sales@cannabist.co.za and we will create a order for you. We are hoping to have the site sorted within the next two weeks so until then please use the following google sheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K70_diENzm5O2zSXGT2c4TvGX3SFmOLdy4OpZb6ZVJE/edit?usp=sharing It's a bit hard to tell what breeder the seeds are, so for now if you can copy the SKU and search for the bean on https://www.seedsman.com/ until we upload them to our site. E.g. https://www.seedsman.com/en/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=GHAJUH2-3 Delivery is 1-3 days from confirmation of payment and delivery fee is R100 nationally (R50 cheaper than our import delivery fee). We can only hold stock over December if we revive payment 🙂
  8. Ye will upload to a Google sheet and share the link until we have sorted out the site. Will upload tomorrow morning
  9. 100%, currently there is the 5+ days of silence from ourside whilst we arrange the import and can definitely be improved on. Will send updates on when international courier picks up, eta.. Can't be too descriptive for obvious reasons but please send feedback if you think we can say more
  10. If you want, I’ll send you the local stock list and you could swap out the seeds and you can get them on Tuesday/Wednesday. have stock of the same breeders you ordered but not the strains. By local stock, I mean imported and holding locally
  11. Hey @Master_G, Once we had confirmation of payment, the order was updated from on hold to processing. The order has been placed and paid for with our suppliers, it should be ready for shipping to SA on Monday. Hopefully we will receive them Thursday / Friday and send them out via overnight shipping. I get that there is silence from our side while the above process happens, so will let guys know progression with the above described going forward. https://www.cannabist.co.za/payment-delivery/ "Once you have placed you order, our supplier is automatically notified and will start preparing your seeds for shipping. When we have enough orders to make a small profit and cover the import fees (usually within 3-5 days), we bulk express import (2-3 days) the orders and package your individual order and send them via overnight courier – this is when you receive the tracking/waybill number. This is how we are able to give our customers great prices – a few days waiting in return for a honest markup.." We have brought in a lot of stock, busy updating the site atm, so going forward you could buy and get them the following day and the same prices
  12. Hi guys, will respond this afternoon, just driving for most of the day
  13. Awesome and thanks for the feedback regarding 100% germination rate - much appreciated. Will be following the grow ❤️ @Za Weed Lover What method and times/how long did you use to germinate? @Mambawana if you keen on DIY, you can get away with around R5000 https://ledgardener.com/diy-led-strip-build-designs-samsung-bridgelux/ (Samsung F-Series LT-F564B 2′ LED Strip Build – 4’x4′). Source through digikey, delivery is 5 days and free. I have the solid core wire they mention, very hard to find in SA so can hook you up if need be.
  14. Best! Ye will keep you updated on the green crack, slipped though the cracks (mishaps 🙄)
  15. @Bakstein420 thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! What ever freebies we get from our suppliers, we give to our customers. We could repackage them and sell them.. But the margins with the volumes we pulling are enough to keep us happy, Even with the calculated risk of a shipment "going missing". Really just want to provide good service with good prices and everyone is happy. Since we started selling seeds, things have really taken off, a few learnings and mishaps but we are getting there.
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