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  1. Hey guys, selling my light as gf and I have decided to instead go the greenhouse route as we are looking at creating a mini farm for all kinds of veggies and herbs at the back of the house. Light is barely a month old however the cats got hold of the box and it is no longer in 1 piece. Can send receipt for proof of purchase. True 120W grow light with original Samsung chips including far red! This is the ultimate in grow light technology. Highest PPE Led available We use Samsung LM301H @ 3.10 μmol/J and Samsung LH351H Far Red (730 nm) Lowest Total Cost of Ow
  2. Running umya, Been giving them the nutes a few days after popping out the soil. Decided to try the umya feeding schedule and seems to work well. Just halfed the dose for the seedling stage.
  3. Thanks guys, Just transplanted, was quite impressed that the root structure took up the whole solo cup. Its going into a coco only soil.
  4. Hi there guys! This may be a silly question but I dont want to take any risks! When would be the best time to repot fem seeds? I have attached a picture, the 2 plants on the left (zkittlez) are 3 weeks since germ and the 2 on the right (durban poison bag seed) are 4 weeks since germ.
  5. @PsyCLown Hey hey, No it did not manage to pull through, ended up culling it as it was slowly turning yellow, buffered coco arrived and testing out some bag seed. Never seen any of my seedlings thrive like this so it was just soil and lack of knowledge about the soil etc.
  6. Im thinking the same thing in regards to the coco being abit iffy from builders. I did not buffer the coco, did not even know that was a thing until this morning. Ordered some buffered coco from hydroponics. Will most definitely also get some explogro or trichoderma. On saying that the double choc is looking WAAAAYYYY better then it was this morning. Definitely a underwatering issue.
  7. I will definitely remember this for future, Thanks guys!
  8. @Prom I have a feeling when I pulled the gnomo's membrane off I was not as gentle as I thought I was and I disturbed the tap root too much. It was not planted deep enough. Thats just from my assumption. I did try to save it but I ended up doing more harm then good. Im going to start a grow diary for this double choc once im happy that its making a comeback.
  9. @PromThis is the double chocolate (fem). I lost the gnomo auto entirely, I just kept it in this thread.
  10. Okay! update, seems like every hour it gets enough strength to stiffen up. Im adding small items beneath the tweezer to bring it up abit. Seems like the chances of survival are there. Note to remember for myself, im either over watering and killing the poor things or im underwatering and killing the poor things XD lesson learnt
  11. Maybe underwatering could have been the issue here? When I took the previous picture I put the tweezers down to help support the stem, I see now about an hour later the seedling is propping itself up.
  12. It was in brick form @EvenSteven Ive just ordered two bricks from hydroponics, letting the gf help me decide on a strain and going to start fresh again
  13. The coco im using is the coco from builders. Just lost the double chocolate. Going to have to try something else. Not sure why im losing seedlings left right and centre. The soil in the image looks dried but it was moist below the surface. Watered the day prior
  14. Thanks for all the help guys! Got a double chocolate that should be coming out the soil by tomorrow, will have abit less love to give this one haha.
  15. Sure @Prom It is coco peat, no perlite unfortunately Added some mycorrhizae but other then that, 100% coco. Sorry about the quality of the previous photo, Just got a new light.
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