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  1. Man, that reminds me of being a teenager again. Staring at the plants in a makeshift grow room.
  2. Brother, I wish you every success and hope you truly prosper with this venture and just life in general. Much love.
  3. Love how this is a low yield, let me not show my plants
  4. Totemic used to sponsor something like this. Outdoor grow for me
  5. That cat is how I feel with programming. I've tried to self-learn/self-teach myself so many times, and just get so demoralized, start gaining weight from being in the chair for so many hours, mental state takes a decline. Even the prospect of a better future is hard to keep me in that chair. On the radio the other night, business segment, they mentioned the "creator economy" content creation etc is a $104B industry and growing, how is it so difficult to get a slice of that pie?
  6. I must be honest here The neighbourhood I grew up and was born in has gone to a DayZ type wasteland. Crawling with foreigners whose "standards" in things are completely backwards. You can see the types of cars people drive, they seem a mashup of maybe 4 different vehicles, but they get out with the fanciest of clothes and a rolex. This is starting to crawl like an oil spill on the ocean into the adjacent neighbourhoods, and unfortunately starting to move closer and closer to where I currently stay. We have recently had an incident around the corner where the Zama Zama's got into an all out war. The SANDF apparently had to be call in because it was above our police forces capabilities. Another house in our street heard a window break the other day, couldn't figure it out until they found a bullet in their pantry, stray bullet came straight through the window. This is very scary obviously, and as you say, if you try and be optimistic within this environment, it is not optimism it's ignorance. But financially, and other reasons, leaving for me is not really an option at the moment. So I have to try and make the best of a bad situation. Sidenote: If I may, what do you do that will enable you to leave here?
  7. https://www.bona.co.za/entertainment/minister-of-electricity-wedding-pictures/ Must of got a nice bonus or something after the appointment.
  8. Yeah it was an 18.1% increase or something stupid. Best part is, if you missed this news, you probably missed the part that eskom has been EXEMPTED from submitting their financials regarding irregular/fruitless expenditure. Read more below: In a surprise move, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has exempted Eskom from disclosing irregular, fruitless, and wasteful expenditure [notice 3247 of gazette 48354, 31 March 2023]. National Treasury has now called for public comment. https://dearsouthafrica.co.za/eskom-irreglar-exemption/ Comments closed but I think you can still read about it.
  9. This is cool, your diaries are always amazing
  10. Not sure if I am understanding the question properly. But I used these before https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/plant-elixir-fulvates/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwiZqhBhCJARIsACHHEH_phWSecjTcXuqtNJ0OP3ayhYIraGL98Knx4KzX6bTECrs0TtNnYFwaAgFnEALw_wcB https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/plant-elixir-humates/ I remember years ago reading about a very experienced international grow team that released some products to the SA market, and they said they didn't bother bringing a Kelp product in because we have such an amazing product already in "Kelpak" So I think that is the best solution for Kelp
  11. LukeS

    Choc gelato

    Could definitely give out samples of your handywork then, I won't complain
  12. Eish sorry to see that man. Wish you well homie.
  13. Cool well, let me know when you have fem autos, will grab a few to run spring/summer
  14. And like photo fems? I would take some of each if available
  15. So if I just got back into growing and want to do a grow for the summer season (outdoor), am I just in time to get some totemic goodness?
  16. Finally got everything and got around to mixing it, quite a satisfying task. And i think the end product looks fantastic. Can't wait to grow with this, thinking it needs something special.
  17. What's up with the pictures drawn on the labels?
  18. LukeS

    New kid

    Thank you very much, In the end, I harvested around 100g from the plant, smoke is unbelievably smooth and tasty, but the potency is a bit weak. Nonetheless it is a great smoke. I think, there were multiple reasons, the main being the plant was a bit root locked, and when i put it in the tent with increased light exposure, air circulation, increased temp it experienced a growth spurt and got unhappy with the lack of space. It was only upwards in growth and happiness after the pot transplant.
  19. Sometimes i don't understand people and business.. Their website is so nice, nice layout, easy to read easy to understand so quite a substantial investment.. and then you get to the "About us" section and see these pixelated messes as profile pictures.. I don't get it.
  20. LOL, the rant at the end of that description is funny.
  21. Ya thanks for that article.
  22. Okay cool, I don't watch the news but listen to the radio when i'm driving which is fairly often. I don't remember this lol. We are two people and that's about our electricity bill aswell.
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