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  1. This is my first cannabis grow but I have been growing organic vegetables commercially for a while now. Based on my first impression I definitively prefer the OM soil. It’s more of a SOIL than FF, there’s actually a bit of structure to the soil straight out of the bag, which is rare in bagged soils. I plan on going full tilt no-till and I think the OM soil will make an excellent base for that. Also busy cooking Greenleaf Organics’ supersoil, which I would probably use predominantly, but I think the OM soil is very similar to what that will be.
  2. Thanks, I do let my tap water stand for 24h but I correct the ph straight out of the tap. I never realized there could possibly be a difference before and after. Will definitely check.
  3. Afternoon all, I had to transplant my plants a bit sooner than I thought and ran out of FF soil. @420SA managed to sort me out with some Organic Matters soil (thanks for the quick service, it arrived this morning 👍🏻). Question regarding ph: Apparently the ideal ph for FF is between 5.5 - 6.0. Is there a recommended ph for Organic Matters? My tap water is 8.1 btw. Thanks!
  4. I’m no expert but if things go wrong at that stage (ie that early) I would venture a guess and say it has something to do with your medium (potting soil). Don’t ask me what though. I would recommend you get a proper growing medium, Freedom Farms or Organic Matters or mix Coco, Worm castings and Perlite in a 1:1:1 ratio.
  5. Was root bound, isn’t anymore. Thanks for the help! How long before I should see some recovery? The TBK is next as I’m sure its issues aren’t far behind.
  6. @greenkush Not yet, but they’re due for a transplant so might as well do that today. Would these symptoms line up if they were?
  7. Morning all, Please see below pics, I’m not quite sure what’s going on. My ASD was recently topped at the third node (going for a mainline). Older fan leaves (at the third node) started curling up on the edges and newer fan leaves are pointing straight down. Not clawing, it’s like it makes a 90 degree bend in the middle of the leaf. Freedom Farms soil. Only AACT (every third watering) and a 1/4 dose of Seagro about 5 days ago. They’re currently in 20cm pots, was planning on transplanting in a day or two. I only water when the pot feels REALLY light, transplant when it feels REALLY light within 24hrs. Still waiting for my pH pen so they’ve just been getting tap water that’s been bubbled for minimum 12hrs. I think it might be humidity (struggling to get it past 35) so I sprayed it with a bit of water now (lights off at 10:00). Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. I’m outside PTA (Cullinan area), most nurseries stock mushroom compost but let me know if you can’t find any, I buy about 20 cubes a year so you’re welcome to a bucket or two if you’re willing to come and get it. It’ll be cheaper to just get it at a nursery if you take fuel into consideration though. The rest of the stuff you’ll have to get online or at GTHydro in Fourways. I’ve phoned around quite a bit and couldn’t find any nurseries that stocks them.
  9. I’ve definitely gained more than R200’s worth of knowledge in my short time here.
  10. Howdy, Does anybody know who stocks the Growlite Perlite and at what cost? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Also, what makes this better than regular perlite? Thanks!
  11. Hi all, Just need a quick opinion on whether I need to lawyer up on a non-420 related matter. Feel free to DM me if you don’t want to blurt out your occupation here. Thanks!
  12. @PsyCLown Hi PsyClown, I’m in PTA so similar environment. My germination process (100% success (ie 2 out of 2 😂)): I soaked my seeds for twelve hours, thereafter I planted them in Jiffy Pellets with a humidity dome and removed the dome as soon as they sprouted. I kept the pellets moist at all times by placing them in a pot tray with a bit of water once a day for about two minutes. The pellet soaks up however much water it needs. Once the first roots poked out the bottom they got transplanted into small pots. That’s pretty much where I am now and they seem to be doing well.
  13. I haven’t used fabric pots yet but the concept is very similar to soil blocks (google Elliot Coleman - Soil blocks), which I have used and that really does provide a benefit over plastic trays/pots. The main thing that every soil block user will tell you, that I haven’t seen or read anywhere concerning airpots, is that the pot/block needs to be raised off of whatever surface it’s standing on so you get airflow underneath as well. Think wire mesh etc. The first root that a plant shoots out goes straight down, when it reaches the bottom of the plastic pot/fabric pot standing on the ground it starts circling or whatever. When it reaches the bottom of a soil block/raised fabric pot it gets air pruned and encourages the growth of secondary roots so you get a nice dense rootball. I would imagine a fabric pot on a solid surface would be pretty much the same as a plastic pot, only the secondary side roots get pruned and the benefit would probably be negligible.
  14. I think it might be a bit thinner than the culterra ones but I’ve had it in my garden for almost two years now and it’s still holding up well. Granted the pots will be handled a lot more, I was thinking of adding a bit of strapping just to reinforce it a bit but at that price I don’t mind making new bags every two years.
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