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  1. I will follow this plant. Leaves curling i think because of heat and low humidity.. I have increased humidity a bit according to the monitor - I also added some more potassium and some kelpak to watering to try to combat this, i will see in a couple of days.
  2. Yeah i've had a time of it lately, anyhow, here are my plants.
  3. Holy 😲 I'm not going to finish 😞 Great job mate.
  4. Apologies again for late update. Here's some pics, lost one so far. Have watered more in the last week or so, and will plan to give them more attention in the coming weeks.
  5. Morning, Apologies for the lack of updates, had an eye infection since Saturday. My plants aren't doing so lekker, life has been a bit of a roller coaster recently. Pics taken Sunday night:
  6. LukeS

    New kid

    Thank you very much, In the end, I harvested around 100g from the plant, smoke is unbelievably smooth and tasty, but the potency is a bit weak. Nonetheless it is a great smoke. I think, there were multiple reasons, the main being the plant was a bit root locked, and when i put it in the tent with increased light exposure, air circulation, increased temp it experienced a growth spurt and got unhappy with the lack of space. It was only upwards in growth and happiness after the pot transplant.
  7. Sometimes i don't understand people and business.. Their website is so nice, nice layout, easy to read easy to understand so quite a substantial investment.. and then you get to the "About us" section and see these pixelated messes as profile pictures.. I don't get it.
  8. I actually just realised, my issue could be not enough fresh air. I only have a flap opened in the tent.. But FF medium, average temp around 20, humidity 42%, don't water that much, about a litre between the 6 pots 1ce/2ce a week depending - also not feeding as they still small 😞
  9. Diary Update: Unfortunately, the babies are looking a bit worse for wear. I think they got wind burnt, i changed the direction of the oscilating fan and the leaves just shrivled up overnight. I have since added a humidifier but i can't get the humidity over 42%.. The middle right which was falling over is also not looking great.
  10. Diary Update: So after my late update i thought i would do an early update today. Some babies are looking great, other's are not as great, one seems to be falling over slightly (Middle right) Also, the light looks a lot darker and more purple in the pics, much bluer/whiter and brighter in person i guess. Anyhow, here goes.
  11. LOL, the rant at the end of that description is funny.
  12. Weekly Update (Late): I finally managed to get them into a tent, some did suffer a bit though while not being attentive enough.. I am loving the genetics as some of the other people have stated in their grow's, but comparing where i am to the rest i have a long way to go and a lot to learn. The competition is definitely showing me that. They are now under a DIY led, mix of cool white, warm white, blue and red - not the best but for now it will have to do. I haven't even started feeding and there's less than 2 weeks till the suggested flip date - I don't know if that will be such a good idea right now 😞
  13. Apologies for not updating yesterday. Will update later this afternoon.
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