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  1. Not sure tbh, not very much, doesn't really smell or anything, hardly any trichomes.. I will try her, and also try and grow the other plants out of the 6 seeds. Will see what happens..
  2. I had mine running from 6am/6pm but will permanently run them the other way around from now on.
  3. Unfortunately my plants didn't recover, and just did alot worse.. I decided to cut the plants this morning. Thanks all for the experience. Definitely an eye opener for me 🙂 I will try to do better in future grows and try and perfect my tent. Starting with a change to only running my lights at night, i think they got fried during the day. Apologies to any i offended with a shoddy grow out.
  4. I think the heat has affected my plants, they mostly all looking dry, even though watering every second day... To make matters worse, the ducting came off the cooltube and the extractor sucked the tent right in. This caused my oscillating fant to fall over with no where to turn.
  5. Herewith my update: Not much happening, makes me sad. To me this plant was built for the cape, nice humidity, unfortunately i don't have A/C and am really struggling to get my humidity right. Why is this happening, only on three spots really..
  6. Finally got everything and got around to mixing it, quite a satisfying task. And i think the end product looks fantastic. Can't wait to grow with this, thinking it needs something special.
  7. So far have lost 1 plant and 2 were male.
  8. I will follow this plant. Leaves curling i think because of heat and low humidity.. I have increased humidity a bit according to the monitor - I also added some more potassium and some kelpak to watering to try to combat this, i will see in a couple of days.
  9. Yeah i've had a time of it lately, anyhow, here are my plants.
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