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  1. That's why you keep cooked books and real ones.
  2. Then go protest, because that's how everything is resolved in this country.
  3. You'll need to explain your logic here?
  4. Hate to break it to you warrior of justice, but this plant has been illegal for more than a "few" years, circa 1922. You can't have it both ways the government will try to make money from it, exactly how every American state/Canada has done.
  5. You'll survive don't worry, when you start pulling more than 1.2 kg per harvest then you can be unhappy.
  6. Like it's going to stop any of us flowering 40 plants at a time anyways. These regulations are at least a step in the right direction in my opinion.
  7. Because I’m primarily a coco grower, and organic growers are like vegans, they constantly need to go on about it.
  8. I grew organic for years, won't ever go back to it.
  9. Grown in coco and beautiful synthetic nutrients.
  10. In pure coco, I go in at 6.1-6.3, in FF classic i go from 5.8-6.1. I don't use biobizz though.
  11. My one cross is literally the only one I've ever smelled that had grape scent, all these other things with grape had the scent of freshly tainted ass. I hate the smell of weed in general.
  12. Wait for the bottom to callous and stick it back in some cactus oil.
  13. Ive germinated mine none to flower yet, in the coming months they’ll go in.
  14. I water multiple times a day without issues and without perlite, and also you should never let your coco dry out its actually a pretty bad practice due to the very nature of coco.
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