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  1. Please let us know your process! I personally used wax liquidizer and some good dab to create my own carts. Ideally using clean dab leads to the best results with low burn. Less plant material is ideal. I've used THC-A diamonds with some NFused Wax Liquidizer and I've had nothing but good times smoking it on a low power vape mod with a ceramic coil. I've tried one from a supplier but it was low THC and sketchy as fuck.
  2. Hello fellow fiends! Howzit! I'm super happy to find this forum on a casual night of browsing 420 events and finding a link to this site. Very keen to share my knowledge and experiences as well as learn from the local community. I've been smoking for a couple years now, and I'm by no means an expert. With how my life is right now, I have to find times to smoke where I can fully enjoy my experience, sometimes these times of calm are far and few in between, but when I do find the time to smoke or take an edible, it's always a great time. I've been to a couple 420 events like the Cannabis Expo out in Joburg, but some times it's hard watching people who just don't smoke get ripped off by vendors selling products for way more than their street value, I'm also a huge believer in moderation in terms of age. If your local supplier is selling to kids, find a different supplier. Smoking is an amazing activity, but I'm a staunch believer that children should not participate in cannabis what so ever, and seeing suppliers sell to anyone without discerning their age is incredibly disheartening. Now, there's a big reason this post is titled the "Edible Fiend Introduction", because that's me, the Edible Fiend. I started making edibles early on into my cannabis journey and I fell in love with them. At first, I created the standard edible recipe found online, and it was incredible. It was a delightful experience that got me glued for a long time, but the taste of the impure infusion and poor cannabis quality led me to wonder if there was any merit in the edibles. I tried a few from my supplier and found that they were much stronger than my edibles, but they tasted terrible, were expensive and often enough were just mountains of sugar with decarboxylated weed sprinkled in. I knew I could do better. Slowly, I began to refine my process with each iteration, changing temperatures and ratios with every iteration and noting the differences between batches. Using the same strain to control THC quantity etc... Through these trials, I have refined my process down to a relatively accurate science and I practice this science like an art. In the near future, I plan on creating an in depth post about my process and the modifications to the typical process I have made. As a teaser to end this post, attached is a photo of a recent batch of oil I created, the dark colour is a result of the material used being very fresh and not winterized for those in the know. The bottle is clearly labeled for obvious reasons, specifications on the batch: ~200g of sugar leaves & bud. 3 hour infusion. ~1.2ℓ of final oil. ~15-20g THC. Effectively 70-80mg per teaspoon. Egg for scale. lol. Can't wait to learn more from those with more knowledge than me, cheers!
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