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  1. Hi Guys, I have a hypothetical scenario. Say i were to go overseas and purchase some beans, would flying back to SA with them in my luggage be a bad idea? Do i declare them or do i just go with it? Thanks guys
  2. Transformer, capacitor and igniter. Thats the jist of a ballast
  3. I popped in at Cannapax stellenbosch on Saturday, the "traditional healers" really know how to make you feel pretty awkward. Apart from that, the flowers looked mid.
  4. I also get plagued by thrips every so on, and i dont find Bioneem to be that effective. I see you mentioned Koppert, they are not local am I right? So you will obviously ship them to SA?
  5. Hello, I am an electrical engineer by day, grower and music producer by night (when i get the time)
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