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  1. I would like to this weekend. Have been pretty busy lately so have been putting mixing up a fresh batch of coco on the back burner. It’s usually a wet and messy experience as I use the raw coco blocks and expand with water, so doing that in this cold weather has been a daunching thought.
  2. Hi guys, so I decided to do some training today on the bigger girls by adding plant bends. I like these to open up the top nodes and allow the lower ones to grow up. I just added them prior to taking these pictures, hence they looking side ways. I’m happy with the growth and these have been pretty easy to grow so far, I know they need bigger feet but I have been dreading ripping apart a block of coco in this cold weather.
  3. Yes bro, a while over due. Plan to when i get some free time soon.
  4. Whatsup guys. so updates on the garden, girls are growing out nicely, having a great time growing these. Decided to do abit of defoliation today to allow more light to the lower nodes, may have gone abit far, but hey, it will grow back. Here some before and after shots.
  5. HOLY SHIT BRO. hope everything turns out fine and a speedy recovery.
  6. Hi guys! so updates on the chocolope, growth has been good and steady this passed week, decided to top the plants that weren’t the previous time. Three of the girls are really out growing the others, they are also drinking on different schedules so have been feeding accordingly. Feed has still been plain water with added microbes. Have also recently given them a plant tonic foliar feed.
  7. Hi guys. Hope everyone is good. Some updates on the chocolope: everything has been going pretty smooth, and plants looking good. Gave 4 of the 7 a topping 4 days ago, while I wait for the other 3 to catch up a bit before I give them a topping. One of the plants seem to be showing a trifecta as result to topping while others remain dual topped. The split twins are also doing good after their split and transplant with the one staying stubby yet still growing nicely. As per feeding wise have not been giving them much other than balanced water and extra microbes. Have also given them a foliar feed of silicon plus. Really enjoying growing these babies so far, am looking forward with what’s to come.
  8. Transformer, capacitor and igniter. Thats the jist of a ballast
  9. I popped in at Cannapax stellenbosch on Saturday, the "traditional healers" really know how to make you feel pretty awkward. Apart from that, the flowers looked mid.
  10. Ouch, good luck bro. When using jiffy pellets to pop beans i usually try transplant them once i see a tap root shooting out, to avoid the pellets drying out.
  11. Yeah, it’s some thrip damage. They are the death of me. Planning to get some predator mites to eat those fuckers, they are a plague.
  12. Hi guys! Sorry for lack of updates, recent harvest has kept me occupied but none the less still busy and taking care of the chocolope. The split twins are both thriving, the one is still pretty small and taking its time, but it’s not dead so that’s a good thing. Three of the plants are really out growing the rest being abit taller but no doubt the others will catch up. Iv also noticed the warped leaf which I see other users are also came across, and is in fact actually genetic as stated by @Totemic. Non the less the plants all seem to be doing great. They still remain under the CFLs and have been feeding it just plain balanced water with added microbes and more recently insect frass.
  13. Congratulations @Green Leaf Organics
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