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  1. greenkush

    What am i doing wrong?

    All good, I speak from a place of care, I bought some difficult to find chems and they degraded to shit in December from the heat wave and they were in my garage 😞
  2. greenkush

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    So I will be bringing in two of these beauties end of the month. 800 watts of pure joy.
  3. greenkush

    What am i doing wrong?

    Word of advice, you may want to get that calmag out of that heat.
  4. greenkush


    No issue with biltong and buds, the owner is a nice guy and hes sent me some lists of some USA genetics he's bring in. It's going to be amazing.
  5. greenkush

    Filter and Air-cooled hood setup

    Filter connected as so <= Fan |--- Hood --- | <= Filter <== Air flow I prefer to use the filter as the first line and pull vs push. (When i used an air cooled hood)
  6. Yep sent on Monday arrived yesterday.
  7. Yeah I'm still trying to find out where their biltong is 😛 Alas it usually goes unanswered.
  8. First order with Biltong and Buds and not disappointed.
  9. greenkush

    My Intro

    @Hydrochronic What lights are you currently running?
  10. greenkush

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    The most amusing thing is, this chollo thinks he's done something revolutionary. Anyone can build themselves a COB rig.
  11. greenkush

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    So why don't you share some of your rigs and lighting fixtures? Perhaps you can show the PPFD spread using your quantum sensor ? (with quantum sensor read outs).
  12. greenkush

    Mothership Bongs

    Its terrible price, its practically a 40K mark up. Sorry but that is just daylight robbery.
  13. greenkush

    Mothership Bongs

    No thanks, I'll rather put it into increasing and upgrading my grow space or investing it.
  14. greenkush

    Origin 2019

    One day.
  15. greenkush

    Soil drench

    Jamies garden can get steinernema feltiae then you just use that in a soil drench. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6lbZWC2W30