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  1. I was more referring to Dank letting his seedlings get to 13.c, not anything you've done 🙂
  2. Anything below 19.c the plant metabolism essentially starts to slow down before eventual death. Best to try keep them from having extreme temperature swings.
  3. Mind sharing your labeling device? i'm finding my chicken scratch hand writing harder to read these days.
  4. Unlikely, if we've been taught anything about this useless government, it's how utterly inept they are boosting the economy with a gold mine right underneath them.
  5. That extraction fan essentially almost equals the same CFM of your carbon filter, which is why you don't feel much suction. So there is nothing wrong, remember you won't feel this insane suction near the filter, I am run an 8inch fan on a 6inch filter and I don't even feel any movement. However when I close everything I can immediately see negative pressure.
  6. Yep they are, I just don't particular enjoying flushing money down the drain. 😛
  7. Watch out for those peltiers they can be very hit and miss
  8. thesun, sounds legit 😛
  9. greenkush


    Just get yourself some calmag and give a maintenance dose, don't shock them into oblivion, your growth is otherwise healthy.
  10. greenkush


    What problem ? The tiny bit of yellowing?
  11. Standard photo periods need down time for respiration, auto's have however adapted to climates were there is an abundance of light, a stable auto can grow under 24/0, the question really boils down to whether its worth the extended energy bill. In all honesty its very unlikely you will see a difference between the two.
  12. I know many people who veg under 24/0, personally I don't because I've yet to see any meaningful speed growth. Allowing the plants some down time is also good. Personally I do 18 /6 have for many years and don't plan to switch.
  13. LOL - AcidAlice, if you're in JHB I can help.
  14. https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/digital-temperature-controller/
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