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  1. Making my own light like in the link you suggested could really save me a lot of money. I'll definitely look into making my own light instead of buying. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Attatched is a two images of the biggest nug from my first harvest. The plant was barely 40cm tall and had a LOT of stress as I didnt really plan ahead when growing it.


    The other two imgaes is of a bud site on my more successful outdoor plant. Really proud of this one.


    Just sharing 🙂





  3. Good timing! We'll see what mine looks like at the end of the month, might just stand a chance with my first successful plant!
  4. You really have beautiful plants! My one outdoor is also about at the same stage of flower as your pineapple chunk. Looks similar at the bud sites as yours. Do you feed them anything extra or just water them and hope for the best?
  5. Thanks for the reply, ill go througb all those suggested stores and see what I can get for myself. Thanks!
  6. I would really love to be able to spend more but money is too tight to get a bigger budget. I'm considering rather to buy bits and pieces over time... You really have a good suggestion with the entire light situation, I'll definitely take a look at rather buying 2 lights from them. Thanks for that. I'll look at bigger fans as you suggested. And definitely will look for a website that doesnt add the markup. You really have good points about the noise levels and it will be great to have more control over the airflow. I'll take a look if I can get a 1x1 or preferrably then a 1.2x1.2 tent then. The used market has a lot of options for tents at least. And yeah, you're right about rather investing more now... The lights I'll try to get new rather than used. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Yeah the light is really taking up a lot of my budget... I'll stay away from takealot then and see if I can invest a bit more in the light to ensure it works good for 2- 3 plants. The 2nd hand market really is great, and yeah, as you said, it'll save me money. I have seen quite a few nice listings, will see if I can share a few on the forum to discuss with people. The nutes I'll have to learn a bit more about yeah... Well currently I am just using organic potting soil, but when I get the indoor setup, I am more than willing to invest in better mediums and see what works best for me. As this will be my first ever indoor, I'm willing to experiment and learn with different mediums. Thank you for you reply!
  8. Hi everyone, I am currently looking to purchase an indoor setup for myself. Nothing fancy or big. Just enough to be a new hobby. I am always willing to invest in more stuff later, just dont have the money right now. So basically my budget is Around R5k. I am willing to go over, but anything lower is always preferred. I got a quote form MarijuanaSA and want a few opinions on it, or just a whole new quote for those that are willing to make one. It seems to have all the important items in it. I can buy a few items that do the same at lower prices, like on takealot. I am looking at 0.8x0.8 or a 1x1 tents. What would be better? I want to grow around 2 to 3 plants at a time. Then, I would really like a cheaper light to use but just cant seem to find a good option that is less than 1k... So basically, I am asking for assistance in selecting all the basic items for my first ever indoor grow. Whatever saves me the most money and gives me enough items to get away for at least 2 harvests before investing more. I already have soil and pots from my outdoor plants. Any help will really be appreciated as I barely know what I am buying with indoor growing equipment. I have a small list of just a few items that I am putting together to use as a purchasing guide. Here it is for a general idea of what im currently looking at:
  9. hi there, I am new to the entire growing scene of cannabis but am doing everything I can to educate myself. I currently only have 1 outdoor Ak47 growing. Had one previous harvest of a California Orange. I want to start growing indoor so joined this forum as a way to be apart of the community and socializ with other growers while learning from other and alos sharing my knowledge wherever I am able to.
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