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So I thought many of the members would have some good books to mention here for people to look into and learn more.

If you have read something that you thought had really valuable gardening information, please share.

Here are some of the my best reads I've come across.

 -  Foundations of natural farming (Harold Willis)

 - The Intelligent Gardener (Steve Solomons)

 - The Regenerative Growers guide to garden amendments (Nigel Palmer, John Kempf)

 - A Soil Owners Manuel (Jon Stika)

 - Paramagnetism (Phillip Callahan)

 - Biological transmutation (Louis Cevran) Not really gardening but outlines assimilation possibilities 

 - Quality Agriculture (John Kempf)

 - How Plants Work (Linda Chalker)

 - Grow your Soil (Dianne Miesslar, Elaine R Ingham)

 - The Ideal Soil (Michael Astera)

And lastly obviously Teaming with microbes, fungi and nutrients (Jeff Lowenfels)

There are quite a few really dense reads like Soil micro-organism and higher plants (N a Krasil nikov) and Mineral nutrition and Higher plants (Horst Marshner), Which are widely considered more academics reads, I'm halfway through the first one. 

Then 2 books I'm dying to read - Science in agriculture (Arden Anderson), Life and energy in agriculture (Arden Anderson) 

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19 hours ago, Khakibos said:

This one has been on my mind for sometime, I picked up a couple of really effective methods from the The regenerative growers guide to garden amendments. Now I'm definitely going to spy this one, thank you kindly. 

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