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    Northern Lights, Widow,Jack Herer,anything with diesel.
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    Whatever is cheap and works.
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    Joints, bongs, pipes.

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  1. I can offer development help :) Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  2. Looking good! Love the scrog , keen to see it fold out because I'm going to start with a scrog soon. I just did some light lst and lollipopping with my 8 week old autos :D Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  3. Howdy bud and welcome! Do you have any plants going atm?
  4. Howdy bud and welcome! Ok looking good, so can you tell us about that nute setup system quickly?Looks like dwc with some sort of drain to waste?
  5. QB for ease of use and low heat levels,dimmable to save your drivers - more pricier initially COBs - cheaper but need a fan and heatsink,dont think they are dimmable - cheaper initially.
  6. Yep, found a few hairs on one of my outdoor plants.
  7. Shoo, that is huge man, way to big for my 100x100 tent.
  8. So what size tent/space would this suit?
  9. Rather get a pal who already has one and then pay him for the transaction?I would honestly just choose another seed bank 🙂
  10. Batista


    Howsit, and welcome! Alot of new members, this is great! Show us your plants 😄
  11. I think you are allowed to sell them as souvenirs.
  12. I do have something to enter now, didnt want to post pics of baby plants.
  13. Thanks guys, yes going to order one now for when im away from my plants.
  14. Give it a couple more days just to make sure,but that looks like a male to me.
  15. I smoke mainly joints - king size skunk with a small line of premium inside. I hit pemium indoor in my bong or glass pipe clean. I then recently started dabbing with a titanium nail and my bong,but I dont like the nail, prefer a glass banger. Dont really have the time and setting to do edibles,honestly I dont like edibles that much.
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