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  1. This seems so much faster than using bubble bags!Nicely done 🙂 Plus if you want to do a small batch, you can - this isnt the case with bubble bags becaus of the straining and drying time.
  2. Correct,they don't really mention recommended storing amount,but in my situation my bud stank of gas and cookie dough,extremely strong and you could smell nothing at all outside the bag,but maybe if it was too full it wouldn't be able to mask/regulate itself.I though about throwing in a boveda but decided against it since I finished that delicious bud in no time [emoji31] edit : also boveda is meant for closed jars not bags lol Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  3. Why is my pic so low quality lol Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  4. I got the 226g I think.I only stored 140g of my forbidden skittles in there,it could take more than 226g I reckon. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  5. After trying grovebags I'm never going back to jar curing ever again.I just wonder how many times I can reuse the bag. Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks man, yeah its the LactoBacillus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lactobacillus_plantarum Interesting from that link (this correlates to what you said about large veggies) - 'Lactobacilli are unusual in that they can respire oxygen' -< Thats basically an airline in your medium ? lol - I could see how that would supercharge growth! So @Roasty basically to make it, leave rice water by a windowsill for a few days.Thats what I do,then dilute with water to prevent clogging spray pump.
  7. Budwash is personal preference or PM control if you have, so yes you dont have to do it - but if your bud is to dry then a soak is beneficial to prolong drying 👍
  8. You need to do what Prom said and plan your drying according to ambient temperatures and your actual bud. I just dried my f skittles last week, for a full 7 days.Here was my process: My buds were extremely dry when I harvested(as it should be, because you left the plant in darkness for 3 days without any watering right lol ;) Now, with the temperatures climbing into the 23's and RH decreasing , I had a problem, these buds were going to dry out too fast because I dont use anything special to dry,just hang em up in a dark room. What I did was, a budwash(water->bicarb->h202->water), and then a small soak for 5 mins in clean water. I then sundried on brown paper for around 10 mins a side until there were no water dripping.The buds gain some weight in water - then I hung them up. This slowed down my drying process and I only had snappy branches on day 6.The bud as been curing for a week now, and its smells like petrol cookie dough my gawd! 🙂 I came up with the above because i fucked up my entire Fuel OG harvest last year, buy hanging up buds that were already dry and hadnt been washed, the buds dried in 3 days flat and the smoke was harsh cos of chlorophyl.An epic waste of money,time 😞
  9. This is perfect for a manual but easy watering system.I will build one soon.Are you still using yours or did you move to automation now? I think I'll have to turned that ring around so that the black bits are in the soil.My coco doesnt like water at all, so I can see the water running straight out the pot!lol
  10. Do you need to cook the rice or use uncooked rice in the water?I use cooked rice water to treat PM and it works wonderfully.
  11. Cool man, I also didnt have the best harvest when it came to indoors so i switched and havnt looked back,but I do continue to use organics outside because its economical if you have a few plants 🙂
  12. Growing organically adds another layer to growing and if you are not skilled you can run into more problems with organics than synthetics.I pretty much ignore seedlings until they show stress in week 2/3 .They show a variety of deficiencies, but just one application of cheap A+B sorts them out, takes the guess work out and you can concentrate on other factors such as light,air flow, humidity because all of those play a factor in a plants growth. I suggest you do a chemical run with a 1 plant DWC system and see how it blows an organic soil run away hands down.There isnt guess work involved with chemicals, just stick to the chart - you dont really need a tds meter,but it is a nice investment to have especially when you want to go over the recommending feeding levels for greedy plants lol.
  13. Brother, my bill for this month is almost R1300 over the normal one, Im not sure what's going on in WC, but I queried it. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  14. Yo, I'm growing with this in my tent right now, the nugs are some of the most dense I have ever grown. I'm concerned about longevity because of the extreme heat though and don't know whether I can run this in summer,but for that price and my needs it works out well.12000 lumens is no joke, I can't even look at this light for more than a second before it burns it's image into my retina for the next 5 mins lol Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  15. Awesome thnx. So my ethos wcake is extremely sweet but she hits nicely.She is too sweet for me, I wish I had a cut that had some gassy/cheesy undertones.Infact all of these ethos genetics are extremely sweet.THe only one i was impressed by was Crescendo - she was sweet,peppery and gunpowder like - it was amazing but maybe i got a lucky cut as all of these were from clones(cannaclone).
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