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  1. Brother, my bill for this month is almost R1300 over the normal one, Im not sure what's going on in WC, but I queried it. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  2. Yo, I'm growing with this in my tent right now, the nugs are some of the most dense I have ever grown. I'm concerned about longevity because of the extreme heat though and don't know whether I can run this in summer,but for that price and my needs it works out well.12000 lumens is no joke, I can't even look at this light for more than a second before it burns it's image into my retina for the next 5 mins lol Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  3. Ya lol its outdoor so not the strongest stuff.But it is my homegrown 😄
  4. 20 a day? I can hardly get through 6 of my stuff in a day lol but i do roll 2g ones.
  5. There isnt a guarantee, I;ve had beans from trophy not pop and got told no replacements.
  6. Hey Bud, yes please.So email help@snapscan.co.za, put this in your subject line 'COMPLAINT CANNABIST' then explain your story.Shot.
  7. I was able to resolve my order with snapscan.Pay with snapscan, because they jump whenever snapscan calls them because of the vendor agreement.I got my package 2 days after complaining. I realise that you prob didnt pay with snapscan, in which case you prob have to do the same with your bank, but i dont know, I would wanna tell my bank I didnt get my weedseeds lol
  8. Hey, You real name appears on those pdfs. Next time please use reputable seedsbanks with original breeder packaging to avoid these issues. Also - growing conditions play a big role in final THC CBD values. I use leafly and growdiaries.com to checkout a strains performance before i buy.
  9. Your soil might be too wet, whats is your watering like?Are you allowing it to dry between?
  10. Ordered 28 May.. Sent from my E6653 using Tapatalk
  11. Hey, nice setup! May I suggest a 150w led floodlight light that pumps out about 12000 lumens for R375 from acdc.Im using it right now with decent results ,but the unit does get really hot so you will need a decent extraction unit.I only run my lights at night so the temps care care of itself but with decent circulation https://www.acdc.co.za/products/220-240-150w-cool-white-led-alum-flood-light-ip65?variant=32751529689165.
  12. Thought we could have a place to drop info about new genetics,especially those that hit our shores first so to speak. I've noticed that some of the LA strains are very strong visually and have strong effects but sometimes they only grow in clusters on the plant.Anyone know what type of cross causes this?
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