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Intro by Thrive


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Hi folks,

We are based off-grid in the Eastern Cape, amongst the mycelium rich forests of the Amathole mist belt. We run a regenerative, organic, biodynamic, permaculture (yadda, yadda) centre, growing awesome food (although cannabis growers seem to love our living soils) and offering practical, customised lessons in self-sufficiency. 

Looking forward to interacting here. Soil is our passion, because without decent soils Homo Sapiens as a species are done for.


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Welcome 🤠

All sounds interesting, we all love a good permaculture situation man! 100% agree with the statement about decent soil, have to have life in the soil to have life above the soil, and not only for homo sapiens! 

and it all starts with microbial activity, mycelium, fungi 😁🍄

you guys caring for some fauna too or just flora and fungi? 


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Thanks all for the warm welcome. Good thing cause we expecting snow tonight.... 🙂 

In terms of fauna, we have rabbits, ducks, chickens, goats, and some wandering local cows and horses. Stated in order of ease of looking after them. Kept mainly for manure for our compost, but also for fun and sometimes to eat. Just in case you wondering, we don't kill the local cows and horses. We just send someone running after them picking up their poop.

Here's an arbitrary manure fact.... Rabbit poop gives you the highest NPK of all the manures. Like goat manure, it is also a cold manure, meaning that you can add it straight to your garden, without burning your plants. Most pellet type manures are cold manures. Chickens, cow and horse tend to be hot manures, meaning they need to be composted first and not put straight onto your plants. 

And here's a carbon / green manure fact.... Try to avoid both pine and eucalyptus woodchip / sawdust in your compost or living soil. Pine has microscopic oil particles which can coat beneficial soil microbes and render them inactive. Eucalyptus is a nasty beast all around and puts out allelopathic chemicals into the soil, to suppress the growth of other plants.


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awesome man!! sounds like you operating in a small slice of heaven, as they say hahah really exciting to see what you guys working with, you gona share some photos with us? 😁

well, I am sure I speak on behalf of the whole family when I say you are most welcome here, make yourself at home and ask and share as much as you can!

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