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240w grow light and costs

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Ok so recently I decided I need more light in my tent. So decided to get prices for lights. Cheapest was R4500. It was elg~240 driver and bridgelux eb 2nd gen strips. 

Fuckit build one myself.

Driver HLG~240H~20A = R 1175.11

Strips Bridgelux EB 2nd Gen 56cm - 12 x R82.42 = R 989.04

Aluminum strips = R450

Plug, Wire, wago connectore and electrical cable = R300


TOTAL COST = R 3344.15

If you count the rope rachets its another R240





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3 hours ago, Bakstein420 said:

Looks slick bro 👌 

I am so sick of people just making money out of the grow community. And I am getting the feeling there is a couple of people that is feeling the same. I want more people to grow and I just feel that for some people the investment is to big.

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That's a nice build. Can I ask where you sourced the parts from? I would love to build my own when I have some extra cash :D

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