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Bay Seeds - Purple Glam Kush x KCS


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So it starts. @Bay Seeds tester pack. 6 Regular Auto Flower F1 seeds.

Currently germinating. I use a old penlite battery box, paper towel and my Openview decoder... Sure fire... every time.. 100% germination within 24hrs.... counting my chickens right...😂

Just had some of @Totemic 's Bubble Berry Glue.... I am pleasantly surprised and stoned... I will discus this further in his tester section... Yum yum...

So here we go... My first experience with autos were rather disappointing.. I do have high hopes though..

These babies will be grown outdoor in Freedom Farm classic Soil. (Green Bag)

Started in a 1L pot for the first 4 weeks or up and untill they show sex. Then they will be transplanted to the 30L Freedom Farm Grow bag.

At this point I will start feeding, in a verry low dosage, some microbes and Fire Juice.

Plants will only be outside if there is open skies no wind, plenty of sun and temps above 20' C. Otherwize they will be kept in a window sill with plenty of sunshine.

There's the plan gromies...:-greenthumb And that is what I can do with what I have...

The Bubble Berry glue was grown outside... verry little sunshine bad potting soil... sharing a pot with tomatoes and chillies.. well.. to be continued else were..

These should fare much better with a little more TLC.

Any takers on the males?  PM me..🤘









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Allas.. checked this morning and one of the seeds split. I was hoping for more but I will keep the green faith.. Wanted to put them in soil as soon as the sun heated up the pots enough.. Today is a perfect day for planting sprouts. This might be more staggered than what I hoped for..

@Bay Seeds How fresh are these seeds? Blocking ensymes might be playing a role here..

I will check at noon again. After that I have missed my window. Not serious but might loose a day or two on growth.. Lets see...


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Well I decided to make use of the good weather and put them in the pots. I prefer the taproot to be a bit longer before planting the sprout but waiting till tomorrow they will be to long.. So here we go..


Need to get a better phone for photographs. The sprout on these are all about 1mm


Let the sun do it's thing..


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Well well... I was beginning to stress but I have soil movement on 3 pots and one little one showed face... Here we go... @Bay Seeds seems as if the test is on its way..


Some colder weather forecast  for the next few days so the babies will stay indoors to ensure they don't get stunted..

I will be moving them to a greenhouse soon.


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Eavening gromies. Well seems as if my slip up with the sudden cold front got to three of the seeds and I do not think they made it. Keepi g faith though. The 3 little seedlings are doing fine but also a bit stunted due to the cold. I have them in a greenhouse and they should do fine..


My other seedlings love it.



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