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Hello ladies and gentlesmokers!

Just a quick one here.

If I have an indoor growing tent spanning 1m (length) x 1m (width)...

1) What wattage light will I need to cover the entire area effectively (especially the flowering stage), for highest yield?

2) How many plants should I grow in order to cover the whole 1m squared area, again for highest yield?

3) Should I get one big light (e.g. 600W (or whatever the efficient wattage is for a 1m x 1m area)), or two smaller lights (e.g. 2 x 300W) for the 1m squared grow space. [This question mainly has to do with PAR value distribution... The way I understand it, it may be better to get 2 smaller lights in order to spread the light intensity more evenly across the growing medium in order for the entire space to get a high average PAR intensity and not only the middle... Or won't it really matter as a 600W lamp (for example) will be capable enough to get a high enough average PAR distribution throughout the 1m x 1m grow space?

All advice will be greatly appreciated!


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[mention=1428]SkunkPharm[/mention] Isn't one 4 cluster COB light too small for a 1 x1?
It will be fine for flower. You can always add lights later. I am veging with a 50w in an 80x80 tent. Four plants 1x1 tent 4x 55 watt cobs. Look at @justinhemp's set up. He does amazing plants.37459b80bd79a29cdf74e857e5046552.jpg

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41 minutes ago, Captain_Pirate said:

so its 4 plants per square metre.

It depends on how big you want your plants to be. 

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