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Unintended consequences


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Took a quick pic this morning. Girls are doing well, most are in flower- various stages. But I'm not without issues.

Still battling the Fusaria fungal problem, it's only affecting certain plants, only 3 so far. Might have been a bad batch of soil from the nursery, I dont know. The cinnamon and honey mix seems to check it for about a week and then it carries on, starving branches of nutes untill it wilts completely. The clove and nicotine sprays keep the worms and spidermites in check but those mites are hardy buggers and keep coming back. Need more companion plants to keep them busy. Funny enough my outdoor ladies are experiencing far less issues than in the greenhouse/tunnel.

First Fruitpunch babies have germed for the start of the winter grow.

Stay safe and grow well.

Peace 420SA 




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Thanks @Vanessa

Takelot- SA based distributor.

Quite interested to see the winter conditions and the plants reaction. Think it should be good for autos and veggies.

Our summer was a bit too hot and humid, so we will be modifying it bit more to improve ventilation and airflow for next summer.

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Howzit 420SA, 

Pic 1-3. A Purple Bud from Seedsman

A Indica dominant hydrid that goes purple during lower temps. Got some fris sticky buds developing. We will wait and see what she does. 

Pic 4-7. Nice frosty WW X CHEESE sativa lady. Sweet and fruity. 

Pic 8-10. Our inhouse Fruitpunch auto lady doing her thing. Fruity mango scents and solid buds thanks to her Ruderalis moms' roots (pheno A)

Pic 11-14. Another Fruitpunch lady leaning more towards her Swazi gold fathers side(pheno B) 

We wanted big and we got bigger. 

Pic 15-17. White widow lady struggling to carry her buds. Looks like the plant structure did not develop well enough, but her buds are sweet.

Pic 18. The new generation of f3 Fruitpunch auto girls doing their thing.



















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Lovely flowers. Mind if I ask why do the leaves turn yellow like that. I have the same problem.

In the later stages of flowering the plant pushes a lot of nutrients into its buds. Even pulling nutes out of leaves and directing it into the buds as the plant finishes up.

''Yellowing'' is normal up to a point, there are certain ''abnormal'' conditions that may look or present similar like: ph fluctuations, root problems, N and S defs.

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Afternoon 420SA

This lady is putting on a awesome show.

She's gained some good weight and will need support for her frosty burdens as she is not done yet.













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@Bospatrollie2your laddies are looking awesome.:-respect I have started growing in Cannabis craft soil compared to always in hydroponics. Do you use any special soil for your grows? The only additives for the craft soils is molasses and Epson salt. I have a Auto Monster Bruce Banner in the craft soil she is in 10 weeks from seed, pic below.:-peace


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Thanks for the kind words, would love to get my hands on some BB beans one day.

I use my own soil, have nothing against commercial or specialist craft soils - they have their place. I have a compost pile so prefer to build my own- self sustainability.

As a base I use 2 or 3 different commercial ''potting soils'' but add my own sifted organic compost, perlite, coco and coarse river sand.
Amendment wise, bonemeal, wood ash and composted kraal manure if I can get it.
Coastal forest leaf mulch and multiple AACT innoculations. Then it cooks for 2 to 3 months, turning every 2 weeks or so - quite a lekker workout.

Obviously this lockdown has made things a bit difficult so I have to make due with substitutes- a bit of experimentation and lots of learning going on.

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Afternoon 420SA,

Hope all are keeping well in this lockdown.

Was quite busy these last few weeks. Got a couple of late finishers doing their thing.

1-3. a Bubblegum sativa lady from 2019 that revegged by herself, her timing was way off. With her 2nd chance she produced some really flavourful buds reeking of ''vicks'' chappies.

4-5. A petite chocolope clone that I cut when cleaning up my comp girl. Just doing her thing, waiting for her trichs to colour.

6. One of my Rudiralis dominant Mango Swazi lady's that also revegged -flowering her out. She produced a number of good clones. Pushing her to go more amber hence the funky leaves.

7.  Another Ruderalis dom. 3 leaf Mango Swazi lady doing her thing. Sweet and fruity.

8-11. Our Swazi gold Queens. First ladies I planted in mother earth, they came into theit own.

Many clones were cut, some we shared with friends. These ladies also assisted with @420sake 's project to preserve their genetics.

Cheers, have a lekker one.😁 














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Lekka shots of the girlz @Bospatrollie2  - thank you for the share.

I am gobsmacked at the learning profile since joining the forum. We have had such fun this year growing both side of the fence. First ever crop in my life with purchased seeds this year. Then busy with my second planting of my annual landrace crop has done famously this year, I am happy with the result since your visit.

So your girls are eye candy bru - well done. The love is evident. 🧐

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Thanks bruh.
We're keen to come have a look see on the farm.
The cool part of sharing, we improve each others' knowledge. It's a win,win.
The current and forthcoming collaborations with cool likeminded peeps at awesome locations is an added bonus.

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Aweh gromies.

Hope all are doing well, despite the absolute monumental bulls#$t, bollocks and f$ckenings happening in our world.


1-2.  Two of our Chocolope clones going golden with the colours of autumn. Was hoping for a bit more purple but doubt our min temps will do the job. Trichs are still a bit clear, have to wait another week or so.

3-4. Mango/Swazi mama that was revegged and is now flowering out. Rock hard pungent buds on this lady. 

5-6. A petite Fruitpunch lady doing her thing, still a while to go for her.

With all this lockdown shenanigans I managed at long last to get my hands on some organic food for the ladies.

(All Sold out - awaiting stock) Suppliers recieved stock for the soil making. Got a decent sized(about 200lt)batch mixed up with added kraal manure, dosed generously with AACT and covered it up. Another 120lt of compost from our pile and we should be good. 

Our whole garden runs on this soil, from the sweet potatoes to the onions, chilli's and herbs. Starting an experiment with grenadillas in the greenhouse(where the vervets can't steal them) Brewed a kick ass alcoholic beverage from them before, going to replicate it with my own fruit. 

Cheers vir eers.😁 







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  • 2 weeks later...

Aweh fellow greenfingers.

Just finished jarring the last of the late summer outdoor.

Now we trying winter. 

1/2. Purple Russian Express lady getting lekker. GDP x White Russian. 

3/4. Seedsman Purple bud going pistils.

5-7. Some Winter Fruitpunch pheno hunting going on.

8-9. Pheno hunting ''spoils of war''

Not making the the cut doesn't mean they won't be enjoyed.

10. Fruitpunch potential.

Puff, puff pass.....












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