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  1. Hello DamDave. I am also busy planting vegies. My business went belly up but will get back soon on what I miss and love the most.

  2. Well the cops are surely going to have a great Xmas. Smiles.
  3. Hi, I am wanting to do a greenhouse as well but battling. I am a 62 year old woman. Are you in Gauteng. Would love to chat with you. I built one and made the mistake of not having a pitched roof. The rains stuffed that up for me. May we chat please.

  4. I think my Mothers had a bad Genetic. Some plants cannot take any form of stress and when they do they turn Hermie. My indoor plants were doing great and then one plant became stressed due to load shedding, and then to top it all our local Electrical transformer blew so they were without lights for 2 days. She turned Hermie and infected some of my indoor plants. I was devastated. I do know what I am doing but as these plants have a mind of their own its very difficult to always understand them. Hence why I love this plant. My outdoors are still beginning to flower so I suspect Mommy has a bad genetic. Its an AK47. Will decide to pull her out of the pot soon but so much love and organic food has gone into her. Will miss her.
  5. I planted out doors and they all began to flower. Pulled them out and began all over again. Not sure why they flowered. Nobody has the answer for me.
  6. I tried taking my out to veg but they began to flower and its the 9th Nov. Full sunlight and not under trees. Cannot get anyone to answer me as to why.

    1. Totemic


      Were they inside under 18 hours light, then you took them outside? 

      They would flower then, and might reveg.

      Otherwise more info is needed to provide a full answer 

  7. To make sure your Mothers you clone from have strong good genetics and the only way you can tell is by cloning first and then watching the crop. It takes time and effort.
  8. Where does one buy GOOD genetic seeds please. I had a great looking mom who was a Hermie. I cloned over 50 plants from her and all turn out to be like mom.
  9. All by hand. I have a very good gardener. Thank you for saying I have a sweet garden. I planted many fruit trees as well, so they will also benefit from the tea. i shall keep a spot light on them at night. I have a Yorkie that suffers from stress when she is away from me. One day she began eating the leaves and a few flowers that fell on the floor. I noticed it calmed her down some what. Dare I say she was stoned that night. Something I cannot relate to as I don't do "Dagga" smiles. She slept like a baby.
  10. I think i need to study this much further. I have an Acre of land and that is why I made so much. I have a lot of feeding to do with my roses and grapes I also grow. Did u read my question regarding if I may plant outside.
  11. Humic Acid.???? MILK!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me. Lol. Milk I know but Humid acid. Maybe I shall ask Green thumb. The gents there are super helpful. Can I start planting my clones outside in the ground? I worry they will go into flower. I had over 10 turn into Hermies. I turfed them out. I did start my tea in a huge green Jojo tank as i wish to feed my garden as well as my plants. Used Culterra compost, Molasses, Kelp and that pump thingy to make air.
  12. I have placed a few under 12/12 in a greenhouse and there is a small amount of light coming in. Will this affect the flooring stage. Thank you.
  13. Indeed I ordered new seeds from another seed bank. There are so many highs and lows when planting.
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