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  1. @420F0R3V3R generally id think that well grown bud you grow yourself would probably be better and more potent then what you could get off the streets with some exceptions. Its handled less so less trichs fall off and you control the curing process you have no idea what the bud you buy has gone through it could have been left in the boot of a car for a week you wont know. Don't worry I'm new too still no scale also lol.
  2. Welcome yo, just start a grow diary when you ready and guys will be more then willing to help
  3. Your buds don't look bad at all! Iv just finished a grow with EHG, nice and simple to use very straight forward I just followed the recommended amounts on the bottle as my Ec meter was broken and checked my ph regularly I'm sure you could dial it in much better with a working Ec meter. Training your plant well helps you get more grams, I wouldn't know if other nutes will guarantee more grams as Iv never tried but ye I'm happy with the EHG it does the job.
  4. @Dank some Byblis Liniflora (rainbow plant) seed I germinated. Planning on trying this method just waiting for them to get bigger.
  5. @Oolong83 hopefully the light coming in through the bottom wont be much I don't know how dark it is in there. Just don't leave that on all night take it off once it's dark so she can still get fresh air. You really grew attached to this plant
  6. If you really want to flower her you will have to somehow cover her for an hour or 2 before sundown to extend her dark period because the days are getting longer, perhaps a big washing machine box or something similar but its gonna be the effort of doing it everyday
  7. @Smelly Joe that's awesome even animals have gone missing I remember growing up seeing chameleons daily in the garden. Its been a long time since iv seen one of those probably longer then a golden orb
  8. Ye it's hard to identify some bugs they good for chowing up moths and stuff but ye if they in your vicinity maby try move it. The orbs usually keep to themselves tho that's why they pretty harmless you will never find one in your shoe. Havnt seen one of those on a long time
  9. Check the under side and Google some pics of a golden orb they usually very yellow
  10. Still venomous but wont kill you wouldn't let my kids play with them
  11. @Smelly Joe think they might be golden orbs. Hard to see they have big strong webs. Harmless good spiders
  12. @Oolong83 been wondering if flavoured sparkling water would have the same effect, I'm gonna try it on a small plant one day
  13. @Trailblazer420 I suppose it just comes to the pheno I noticed my leaves were very indica like in the beginning but now they look like sativa. Iv checked the trichs and they barely started going milky so will just keep an eye on them
  14. @Trailblazer420 @Trailblazer420 fucksakes was afraid of that. They give you an estimate of 53 days but it seems like it still has a while to go
  15. @Trailblazer420 just out of curiosity how long does your c99 take to finish up for normal flowering? I have the same strain going but this is the first time I'm growing it so would appreciate an estimate
  16. But you are allowed to grow how much is the question but keeping it discreet is best
  17. Sup yo what's the ph of your water? I noticed my plant did something similar they got dry and crispy like that when the ph was to low and it happened on the lower older leaves the new growth seemed fine all I did was up my ph to 6 and it stopped
  18. @CreX thanks bud, been reading mixed reviews of ripen on the net so I'm gonna try it for 4 to 7 days and not the recommended 10 to 14 days then florakleen flush for 2 days
  19. Hi Crex I'm running a Dwc with 20L water and EHG grow micro bloom nutes and in the 2nd week of flower. Iv been wondering about the flush tho, I have Ripen and Florakleen have you ever used them and was it worth it or just a waste of time?
  20. @Zah thanks, I think one joint a day wont kill you tho just my 2c
  21. @Zah smoking is unhealthy regardless maby try another form of consumption if it worries you, vaping perhaps? Some people say it's also got its cons I got a vape for the exact same reason you mentioned now but still enjoy a joint so I quit cigarettes to keep smoking my joint now n then. As for old people smoking there are plenty dont know about their healthy tho but then again people die from not smoking either my aunt got lung cancer and she never smoked anything in her life
  22. @Zah I think it comes down to personal preference I don't smoke everyday I used to but don't like getting tolerant, now when I do it's a joint in the evening and 2 joints the weekend, about 2g the weekend and 2g for the week. Safe consumption would depend on the quality of the strain, if the thc is low you would need to consume more which is unhealthier because of all the other byproducts you inhaling if you smoke. You will figure out for yourself how much you need and if you have to much you will probably go to bed early or turn pale and stare at your washing machine for what feels like forever before you throw up in it. Good times
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