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  1. nope - they are spread out among all the seedlings Might be a sensitivity to higher PH - my PH tester was out by .4 - so my PH was about 6.7 for a bit..
  2. seedlings are 7 days old, under LEDs
  3. Got some Purple Punch from Barneys Farm - they are growing much faster than my other seedlings - but all have a funny leaf deformations.. All my other genetics are not showing this
  4. iHigh


    LED's are much more efficient than any other light on the market, except LPS, so a LED that has only a 250w draw, would be equivalent to something much higher than an equivalent HPS pullling the same draw ..
  5. iHigh


    btw - spots on leaves is dust
  6. iHigh


    i am also running 2 x 1200w LEDs and experiencing the same issue - very slight upward curl of outer edges of only some leaves
  7. Has anyone used these with the FloraCoco nutes ? Is it worth it, and can you get them here
  8. Anyone know if variable speed 10" inline fans are available locally ?
  9. So I planted a Dinachem plant indoors and one outdoors last Nov. The outdoor plant is now massive in size, but still not ready for harvest, Trichomes are still all clear. The buds arnt thick at all, and now it looks like trichomes are actually disappearing. Damn caterpillars are destroying the plant, should I harvest now or wait for trichomes to develop more .. The indoor has also been disappointing, although I did keep it in Veg for a very long time, it got PM, and bud development has also been a bit disappointing.. Anyone else have experience with these genetics or breeder ?
  10. I have been told, that using H2O2 will cause oxidation of THC to CBN.I am using H2O2 for PM on my indoor grow I have tried to research this, but have found nothing on it , and most people I have checked with say it not true Anyone know for sure ?
  11. Sweet Tooth Auto - from broken stem - outdoors in coco - planted Jan Unknow Indica
  12. Going to get worse - you cant tax a small grower
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