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  1. Thanks for info. Was an original breeders pack from Ethos genetics ( from Trophy Seeds ) . Whats the procedure for cloning a plant in flower ?
  2. also, the second one in the photos is half the size of the first two
  3. So I have three Inzane in the membrance growing - same room and conditions. First two pics are of one of the plants , and last two pics are of the other. Two of the three look like pics the first pics. Question is - why such a variance in the way they two look ?
  4. iHigh

    Hermaphrodite seeds

    100% AGREE - I am going to plant some outdoors, and I do have a mother still, but I have 4 of the strain in flower at the moment, and all four are slightly different - but this one baby -- wow - never seen anything like it - just pure white resin on the buds - no colored hairs at all - so I wanted this particular ones seeds - but I cannot risk a hermie again...so will do outside
  5. So I had a light leak in my grow room, and one of my Inzane plants hermied, I removed it in a day, but now all my Purple Punch's and Inzane's have loads of seeds. Will they all be female seeds ? Is it worth growing them indoors for my next grow ?
  6. with pot size, I need about 350L to do a proper flush. RO units are great, but wastage is ridiculous. Summer I will try harvest rainwater. In theory, the chlorine/chloromine and other shit in tap water, shouldnt do any harm to plants in coco, because theres no living organism in the substrate to keep alive ?
  7. @KgrowsWhat do you think ...My tap water PH is 8 - so I will have to do a limited flush with my 200L RO tank ...or should I use some tap water straight from tap to do a flush first, then go with RO with cal/mag & H2O2
  8. Thanks - thats a lot of info to digest - really appreciate it.
  9. think that comes with the territory ... ROFL ...
  10. thanks for info guys guys - I also thought that using the FloraCoco series would account for the cal/mag issue with Coco, but it seems (Because imho ) , that the amount of cal/mag added in the nutes, the magnesium is not enough for explosive growth and causes a deficiency. From looking at the deficiency charts, I could also still have a calcium deficiency . Maybe the symptoms of this took longer to come through ? I havnt done a flush before - due to the amount of work required and complexity , and really dont want to take them outside - but I think thats what I need to do. Does my flush water need to be PH adjusted ( I presume also flush with RO water ? ) , should I add cal/mag to the flush water if I am already having a cal/mag issue ? What about some H2O2 maybe as well in flush water ? It is 12 days since I flipped. CreX..What do you mean by base ppm from Nutrients ?
  11. Using RO water, ppm about 20, been adding 3-5 teaspoons of cal/mag ( powder ) into about 40L reservoir.Total ppm is about 1800 . PH is 6.0, and using GHE FloraCoco with Atami coco ( which I didnt dose initially with cal/mag - idiot )
  12. Thats exactly whats happening to me, my growth has been explosive, still is ...what nutes did you use ?
  13. I am growing in coco/autopot with GHE nutes. I had a cal/mag issue - which you can see in the first 2 pics. I extra dosed cal/mag and it seems to have receded . Now I am getting burn on the edges of my leaves, and a slight leaf curl. it, I tried looking it up, and come up with a potassium deficiency ??
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