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What is your preferred nutrients and why?


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We grow organic outdoors, I use a lot of different amendments in my soils, which are basically built from scratch. The wormfarms were a game changer, castings for the soilbuilding and topdressing as well as wormtea.

Liquid nutes I prefer Biobizz,  with Seagrow and molasses for AACT.

Also use numerous liquid extracts and FPJ's during veg and flower.

So far, so good.

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Depends if I'm growing organic or not at the time.


If non-organic, my preferred nutrients are the Gold Label nutrients, but they are wack expensive. Alternative to this is the TA Tri-part, I'm had fairly ok success with the TA nutrients, but overall, my success with synthetic nutrients has been "questionable" in general.

If organic, I amend Dirty Hands Elemental Blend into the green bag of freedom farms (1L Elemental Blend to 20L of FF soil) and then I feed with around 50% of the bio-bizz recommended nutrients (depending on stage of growth, I use more around week 4  - week 6 of flower), this method has worked the best for me.

The only "catch" being that you probably need to give CalMag for the first few weeks of veg. I don't know why, but every plant I stick into freedom farms has an immediate Calmag deficiency, but is easily combatted with one dose of Calmag a week for the first 3 / 4 weeks of veg, then its fine after that. If you anticipate this, its great easy growing.

With organic I find you just need to work 2 weeks ahead of where your plant is in development. For example, if you going to flip to flower, start pre-loading your soil with the nutrients the plant is going to need in a week or two's time. This gives the microbes time to break it down into a form the plant can uptake when it needs it.

So take a bloom booster for example, it's basically just Potassium, so in week 4 of flower, I start pre-loading the soil with lots of potassium so that by the end of week 5 or start of week 6 the plant is able to absorb as much potassium as it wants.
The same happens at the end of the grow, from week 7 I start feeding water only so that in week 9 I can harvest. 

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16 hours ago, SHiNi said:

Yup, it's completely organic and they even make mention that you need lots of microbes in order to break it down.

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