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  1. is that the one where you bribe the local pigs?
  2. over priced parkie gras. good riddance.
  3. A few snap shots of Budporn #1 some wedding cake and blue city diesel. from cannapharm, shit was lit. #2 a li'l protector. #3 a close up of that diesel #4 bud on a hand made shroomie from my gf.
  4. yes, we just had to pay shipping. they changed the policy though, you get like 80% the value of the ungerminated seed back, but because it was our first order, they were epic and gave us the full value. 80% is still lit af though.
  5. well, no, the one GG bean I got failed to germinate, out of our 7 seeds, we only managed to get 3 going. was disappointing to say the least, but B&B sent us some replacement seeds, honestly the best experience I've had with any business, they're AWESOME. got Peyote Purple x GG4 and a Jack Herer freebie, but 2 GG4 crosses didn't make it, no doubt thanks to our lack of experience. thank God for the Freebie. should probably get some decent soil too. literally germinating in paper towels then putting them straight into pots with our shitty sandy garden soil.
  6. forgot to mention, we got some Gorilla Peyote, so i NEED this spot.
  7. hey guys, so some updates on the plants, and a couple of questions. the one that is flowering seems to be going back into veg, what I was hoping for, was to harvest her to make some space in our garden, but she isnt ready yet. trichs are milky, and as I mentioned, seems to be revegging, leaves are getting more tender, and she's behaving differently. what I wanna know is, should i let her reveg, would harvesting now give me glorified park grass, or something decent? forced flowering isn't really an option, because she's in the ground, was considering a cardboard box, with some foil wrapped for light deprivation? anyway, here's some photos.
  8. I think the soak is where i fucked up. didnt let them soak til they cracked, didnt know you were supposed to. left them for 24 hours and just took them out, none cracked. and yes, theyre bought seeds from breeders, but its bulk seed bank. thanks man, will definitely try that. going to speak to biltong and budz and find out if we can get store credit for the ones that failed to germ, add a bit of bucks and hopefully get some proper genetics. thanks man, wont be giving up. just sudden bursts of disappointment.
  9. not sure if this post is still alive, need some help though, germinating seeds seems to be going horribly wrong. some are completely fine, while other are just not doing much of anything, with the same method. we tried germinating 4 seeds, in cotton, on a plate with cling wrap over, 2 germinated fine, tap root came out, one has died since, put it in soil, and it just never came out of the shell, the other two have been in the cotton for just over a week now, with no growth. really not sure what we are doing wrong =/ tried the same method with bag seed, and not a single hiccup, all of them sprouted. any advice, please guys? considering throwing in the towel with growing. pics attached are of the two in the plate.
  10. Probably right bru. Fuck the popo. Neighbours are chilled, so I should be fine.
  11. we don't fall under restricted airspace (as far as I Know) police helicopters fly over often. dodge area near by, plenty of commercial planes too. more concerned about the helicopters.
  12. @420SA saw now. Thanks. Apologies for jumping the gun. We still have 4 left, will pop those on the day. Sorry Bru.
  13. I skimmed it. But read now. we'll plant these out and germinate another two on the date. Mainly just wanted to experiment before popping our bought feminised seed. Ooops. Just keep the diary open, please @420SA. Will start fresh on the drop date.
  14. Thanks for the hook up @Totemic. Amped to grow yo' shit man.
  15. I suppose I should start the first diary? Not sure if I'm planning on planting more than 2 chocolope, garden is getting full
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