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  1. Hey guys, here's a couple of photos of my Jack herer, starting to experience bud rot, and I cant get the mildew under control in the garden, haven't had a look at the trichomes yet, my guess is they're still clear to milky. thinking of harvesting her early, but she's barely stacked. any advice would be appreciated, already removed infected flowers.
  2. Read on an international forum that some people use powdered milk, does anyone have any experience with using it? I need around 15 litres of milk just to do one spray, and I need more than one spray. but spending R400 on milk defeats the purpose of it being a cheap and readily available alternative. what exactly is in the milk that fights of the mildew? been fucking with the PH on the leaves with vinegar, and bicarb here and there, but its beyond that, and this constant fucking rain in Jo'burg, can't we have another drought?
  3. pretty much exactly what happens to me. grass does it too, probably an allergic reaction to something in the plants. Thanks man. 1 tbsp of sunlight good? also, I read they have to be in full light when applying, they don't get much sunlight in the afternoon because of a nearby tree and building. I removed a shit ton of leaves, so this will actually be plausible to do. thanks man.
  4. TBH, can't afford to get anything over 300 right now. defoliated so much, plants look bare. reckon I shot my yield in the face.
  5. Thanks guys. will defoliate and spray with 50/50 milk, and report back with results.
  6. also with all the rain recently, half the plants completely snapped at the main trunk, was taping shit up and putting in bamboo braces, think I put the branches too close together. On a side note, does anyone else get an allergic reaction from working with weed? my skin starts getting itchy, then hives. goes away in a day.
  7. what dilution ratio do you use for either solution? The LSD is my SO others favourite, so I'm really determined to do what I can for it. it's already spread to every plant in my garden. TBH, from the responses and my own research, it seems petrol and a lighter would be a lot less trouble. pretty densely packed. growing mostly indica's and hybrids which were topped and LST"d. reckon I'm going to go in there and give them a big trim.
  8. lol. A+ rant. 😋 evry form of politics ends up working against the people and for the profit of the elites. communism, nationalism, all of it. what you're suggesting is to cut out the middle man (politicians) and put the piggy bankers straight into power. we'll just end up here but without the facade of control in the form of democracy. Hate it, love it, but you wont change it. best to just accept the shit show that is humanity.
  9. ah. that's discouraging. got 6 brf cakes going, and like 6 wbs jars. wish me luck. -.-
  10. never used it. I am using grains, this is for the substrate. think horse poo. good to know that the bricks wont contain it =D sterility isn't an issue here.fully colonised grains should hold contaminates at bay, hopefully, lol.
  11. Anyone know if culterra or stark ayeres brand coco coir is laced with trichoderma? also, anyone know of any brands of coir that aren't treated?
  12. 7 down, coming together pretty well considering we aren't using a sewing machine.
  13. hey guys, anyone making their own fabric pots? got a 10m x 1m roll of weed guard, want to try and get as many pots out of it as i can, approximately 20l per pot, and I want to try and get at least 6, but aiming for 9. anyone did this? what measurements did you use? or if anyone has the measurements of a store bought 20l pot that would be great too was thinking about cutting it in half, so it's .5m and then making a pot that's around 400cm tall and quite wide, just not sure if the integrity will be good. it's 80gsm fabric, btw. any input is appreciated, need to have them ready soon.
  14. I've only dealt with B&B twice, and I was pleasantly surprised at the service. first time around was when the grow shop was still up, got nutes and seeds. all the seeds were from bulk seed bank. 5 didn't pop out of 8. needless to say, was pissed off, but chalked it up to school fees, then I read on here that they have a replacement policy for seeds that fail to germ, contacted them, didn't have the seeds we had originally ordered in stock, so they replaced it with seeds that were more expensive, only got 4, not 5, but was more than happy because it was better genetics, all of the seeds popped and had a taproot, but again, not having enough experience I managed to kill 2 of them. might be bias, but I love B&B. to be fair though I haven't had any experience with another seed bank to compare it to, but I don't feel the need to compare.
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