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  1. So the plants were flowering solidly in November already - why do you think such early flowering? Have you gone to harvest yet or are the buds just getting bigger?
  2. How's it going? How is the Supa Fish stuff working out?
  3. I've now got the 2 plaintjies into bigger pots. I should have done it sooner but the doc cut 10 chunks of flesh out of my hands a few weeks back which put gardening on hold. They have been in the pots a week and are starting to take off. Plant A has really Phat leaves while Plant B has a slightly slimmer sativa vibe. The soil is a mix of Freedom Farms, Orgasoilux Elemental Blend, my own organic compost, and some pearlite and turbo grow mineral dust thrown in. Starting in with some weak biogrow in the water as well.
  4. You have certainly covered all the bases with that soil. I get worried myself with making my soil mix too potent. Let's see how it goes. Love the home made pot - is that plastic shade cloth or some type of organic material?
  5. Nothing wrong with sharing a pot at first. Keeps the little guys from getting lonely.
  6. Nice start. Loving the twin. What the hell is a whorled phyllotaxy?
  7. I also had (what looked like) a low germ rate. 2/6. But them left them on top of a light box and the rest sprouted in the very warm conditions after being cold and wet for 5 days and doing nothing. Sadly they dried out before I noticed that I had lift-off. So i have 2 seedlings and a 3/4 chance of a female. So maybe these guys need a bit of warmth to get going?
  8. Looking like a serious contender here! Are you going to trim to bush out or go straight up?
  9. I think i just happened to try germinating during a chilly few days. Even though I had them up on the fridge, it was just unseasonably cold. So I am pushing ahead with just 2 seedlings. But they are looking good. Big juicy leaves. Keeping them in a tupperware because the South-Easter is pumping. popped 'em into bio-pots for easy planting out later.
  10. HEY - I also have one of the strange Diesoline with the fine leaf structure and an interesting leaf colouration - yellow green. Hope it's a girl 'cos I'm a fan of the Sativa.
  11. So I had a weird time with germinating. Of 6 seeds 3 popped. And of those only 2 took off. And now I looked back in the cotton wool (was keeping it wet just in case) and I see that 2 more are showing little roots. But to be honest I was just about giving up and it had gotten dry. But 10 days later! Wow. I'll have to check the acidity of my rain water because that is just odd. Hopefully those 2 little ones are OK. Because 2 is a 1 in 4 chance of all boys. So here are the 2 that arrived on time.
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