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  1. HEY - I also have one of the strange Diesoline with the fine leaf structure and an interesting leaf colouration - yellow green. Hope it's a girl 'cos I'm a fan of the Sativa.
  2. So I had a weird time with germinating. Of 6 seeds 3 popped. And of those only 2 took off. And now I looked back in the cotton wool (was keeping it wet just in case) and I see that 2 more are showing little roots. But to be honest I was just about giving up and it had gotten dry. But 10 days later! Wow. I'll have to check the acidity of my rain water because that is just odd. Hopefully those 2 little ones are OK. Because 2 is a 1 in 4 chance of all boys. So here are the 2 that arrived on time.
  3. I dig the L shaped San Pedro. L is for Lucid.
  4. Nice sunny spot and I would say a good amount of room. Looks sheltered from the wind.
  5. Borrow a dog until the plants are stronger. It's the only logical option. 😉
  6. Did you track the bastards down or are they still at large? Maybe they got wasted and wandered off. Stoned caterpillars on the loose!
  7. It took me long enough to order the seeds, but they showed up quickly and here I go. 19 days late but moving fast! and thanks for the nifty audio cable 😀
  8. That tri-cotyledon plant is wild! Extra mutant nute boost for the baby? Stay strong - eat an orange!
  9. Great to see how things are going - a good benchmark to compare against my own DG grow. Lookin' Leafy!
  10. That is a lot of composty goodness. Where do the oranges fit in? 😉
  11. I'm still hoping to get some seeds. I joined last weekend, but nothing has come in to my Messages. I can collect in the Cape Town area. Anybody??
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