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Seed banks south africa


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I've bought from Trophy Seeds, Groen Seeds, Biltong & Duds, as well as Bud Buddies. Only issue I've has was with Bud Buddies sending me the photoperiod version instead of the Autoflower version. I contacted them and they replaced it immediately.

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19 hours ago, madgiant said:

Overgrown ships same day for orders over R600 they actually gave me some free cbd seeds with my purchase too

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yeah I got the same Fruit Pastilles and the CBD seeds with my order from them, gave the CBD seeds away, but I'm keen to pop these fruit pastilles.


As for the OP, overgrow, groen seeds, trophy seeds are all reputable and have pretty quick shipping, it really depends on what you looking for as each of these places carries different genetics.

If you looking to do a run with Ethos Genetics, In house Genetics, Dutch Passion or Fast buds, trophy seeds is for you, they are slightly higher price than the other seeds banks, but they carry very good genetics

If you want to do a Seedstockers, Delicious Seeds or Seedsman, then Groen seed is the way to go.

For everything else, there is Overgrow.

All three do also carry similar genetics like Barney's Farm, in cases like this, pick the website with the best price.

As for best freebies, both Overgrow and Groen Seed are very good with this, there is always some free stuff with your orders.

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