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  1. - I've never been a fan of top dressing for this reason, unless you top dressing with a fertilizer that can be broken down by water and leech into the soil (dry amendment fertilizer). When it comes to things like Kelp meal, bone meal and crushed Malted barley, they take time for the microbes to break them down. So I would add them to the soil in the beginning when I was mixing the soil for the plant. I find the trick to organics is to work 2 weeks ahead of where your plant are. So if I'm going to flip to flower in two weeks time, I already start with the organic material needed for Phosphorous and Potassium to give it 2 weeks to at least start breaking down. However, keep in mind, just because the raw material exist in the soil, doesn't mean the plant will use it or it will affect the plant. An example of this is the kelp and bone meal, you can add it to the soil in the beginning and let the microbes do their thing, When you flip to flower, those broken down nutrients will then be instantly available to the plant when it wants it. Crushed Barley needs to be worked into the soil in the beginning, when it gets wet it will build out a mycelium network throughout your soil and feed your microbes. - I answered your Environoc question in the other thread. It won't hard the plant if you do it throughout flower, it's just not needed as it's a waste. - I have never found a use for a compost tea, I prefer to use VermiPure Tea (https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/umoja-organics-vermipure-worm-tea/) and Environoc 401 instead for the microbe loading. Then normal nutrients for the other NPK stuff. If you looking to do organics on the cheap, try out the Bud Juice nutrient range, I'm busy using it at the moment on a grow and its seems really good for something you only give once a week.
  2. Just add it in with your nutrient / molasses mix once a week and give it to the plants until the 2nd week of flower, by this point you should have enough of a microbe army that you dont need to add anymore (remember they are reproducing themselves as well).
  3. Hey, yeah it is the 700w Sunplus LED light, however don't buy one, they shit. On one of my lights, 3 out of 8 bars have had the 3000k diodes die on it, but like the entire bars. Sunplus hasn't responded to any of my support request about how do I get replacements. The after sale service is pretty much null and void. I've done 3 grows with these lights. For a R14 000 light, I would class it as pretty shitty quality. It puts down the ppfd for sure, but in my own testing, the Lummi 720W LED which costs half the price puts down exactly the same ppfd as this sunplus light with 301H diodes with almost identical heat output. Luckily I have so many bar grow lights, I just replace it with another one, but still annoying.
  4. So it can be used throughout the grow, but also depends on how long you vegging your plant for. However, Dirty Hands do have a nutrient feeding schedule for Orgasoilux soil if you want to add nutrients, which I have attached for you. The feeding works out really cheap as you don't use very much of the nutrients at all. You buy these nutrients here - https://jamiesgardenshop.co.za/product-category/organic-garden-products/organic-fertilisers/liquid-organic-fertilizers/ I've grown using their nutrients before and have had great results. Organic Liquid Feeding Program (3).pdf
  5. The short answers to this is yes, you are going to need some form of backup power for the fans / extractors, your concern here is heat and humidity, not light. You have to keep the air moving. Autoflowers are the best for load shedding, (if you don't have backup power for your lights). Put your lights on 24/7 and let load shedding be your dark periods. So 2x 2H load sheddings a day = 20 hours of light for the plant, which is spot on perfect. Even at stage 6, you plants will still be happy. Autoflowers will not care about the broken up light periods either. Also autos don't need the lights to be as "higher wattage" as photoperiods due to DLI (Daily Light Integral). So to explain this briefly. a Plant can only take is so much light in a 24 hour period and the rest is just wasted light, this is called the DLI of the plant. A cannabis plant needs between 30 - 45 mol/m² of light per day. Generally you would aim for abouts 40 DLI a day for cannabis. When you have a photoperiod plant in flower, it can only have 12 hours of light, so to hit 40 DLI a day, we use higher watt lights like (for example purposes) a 650watt / 1.2m² tent. When using auto's, your lights are on for 18 - 20 hours, so that 650watt can be dropped down to say 400w to achieve the same 40 DLI in that period. If you have extreme load shedding (stage 16), you can turn up the power of your lights for the available hours you have power to meet the same 40 DLI. You will also find a lot more mould and mildew resistant autoflower strains than you do photoperiod strains as this resistance has been bred into the strains, this helps with the humidity issues that can occur. Generally speaking, a small'ish inverter + 2x 100Ah 12v batteries can hold small oscillating fans and extractor fans for a relatively long period of time.
  6. yeah I got the same Fruit Pastilles and the CBD seeds with my order from them, gave the CBD seeds away, but I'm keen to pop these fruit pastilles. As for the OP, overgrow, groen seeds, trophy seeds are all reputable and have pretty quick shipping, it really depends on what you looking for as each of these places carries different genetics. If you looking to do a run with Ethos Genetics, In house Genetics, Dutch Passion or Fast buds, trophy seeds is for you, they are slightly higher price than the other seeds banks, but they carry very good genetics If you want to do a Seedstockers, Delicious Seeds or Seedsman, then Groen seed is the way to go. For everything else, there is Overgrow. All three do also carry similar genetics like Barney's Farm, in cases like this, pick the website with the best price. As for best freebies, both Overgrow and Groen Seed are very good with this, there is always some free stuff with your orders.
  7. Hey, So this grow is done and dusted, thought I would add it here as a start-to-finish diary. Substrate : Freedom Farm Premium Classic, amended with Dirty Hands Elemental Blend at 1L per 20L soil and a rooibos mulch on top. Nutrients : Biobizz (Grow, Bloom, Top-Max, Acta-Vera). Kushy Amino Acids, CalMag and Bud Juice Symbiotics. Genetics : Mandarin Cookies V2 from Ethos Genetics. There isn't many pics of Veg, because a cannabis plants looks like a cannabis plant, lets get onto the good stuff. I harvested just over 600 grams in dry weight in total, 400 grams of decent smokable buds and 200 odd grams of bud and offcuts to go towards some bubble hash. Well that's that, cheers for now.
  8. one day when I grow up, I wanna be able to grow like you Welcome and thanks for sharing the awesome pics.
  9. Count me in for R500, just please PM me your bank details so I can send it to you
  10. Ah... the LED light boxes that lie, when I first started growing, these confused the shit out of me because they say 600w, but they only like 60w. I use these 60w led boards for small clones and when popping new seeds. You could try using two of them for 120w, however you are never going to see the growth and yield you would get from say an actual 600w light. Download an app onto your phone called "Photone" - it will need you to cut a strip of white paper and tape it over your front camera on your phone as a diffuser. It will then turn your phone into a PAR meter and allow you to measure the amount of PPFD the light it putting out onto your plants (The actual light power being put down on the leaves). So hold the phone at the height of your plants and take the reading. These are the values you want for ideal growth (outside of co2 supplementation): Seedling / Clone : 100 - 300 PPFD Vegetative : 250 - 600 PPFD Flowering : 500 - 1100 PPFD I tend to aim for 500 PPFD on veg and around 950 PPFD in flower (although my lights can easily hit around 1500 PPFD on full). If you are getting below these PPFD levels, you can bring your light closer to increase it, but if it remains below the above ppfd levels, then your plant isn't going to grow very well or produce any decent buds.
  11. You probably going to want an LED light with higher wattage. Usually the "standard" when using LED is 400w per 1.2m x 1.2m tent, however I find a lot of people (including myself) running around 600w led's in that space. As far as LED lights go, they come in different "builds" so call it, based on the led chips used. Ideally you want to aim for lights with Samsung 301H leds and Osram Red leds. This seems to be the current gold standard. On a slightly cheaper light, but will still get the job done well, you could go with Samsung LM281B with Epistar 660nm led's. these lights are usually cheaper. To save you the research on lights. R6 995 Lummi Black 720W bar light - (https://www.gohydro.co.za/products/lumii-black-led-720w-6-bar-fixture). They don't specify what led chips they using, but a lot of people have had great success with them, I have one, but have never used it, so cant comment here. R8 000 - Meijiu Samsung 301H 480W Quantum Board - ( https://www.gohydro.co.za/collections/lighting/products/meijiu-samsung-301h-full-spectrum-480w-quantum-board ) R8 999 - 650W KingBrite X55 - ( https://plantliving.co.za/products/650w-kingbrite-x55-bar-grow-light ) - Uses Samsung SM281B and Epistar 660nm led's. R17 900 - Meijiu 650W Samsung 301H LED - ( https://www.gohydro.co.za/products/meijiu-samsung-301h-full-spectrum-650w-bar-fixture-1 ) I think I have maybe over-answered your question here, but yeah, you going to need like 400w of lighting, be it HID or LED. LED runs cooler and provides more brightness for the same wattage.
  12. Yup, it's completely organic and they even make mention that you need lots of microbes in order to break it down.
  13. Depends if I'm growing organic or not at the time. If non-organic, my preferred nutrients are the Gold Label nutrients, but they are wack expensive. Alternative to this is the TA Tri-part, I'm had fairly ok success with the TA nutrients, but overall, my success with synthetic nutrients has been "questionable" in general. If organic, I amend Dirty Hands Elemental Blend into the green bag of freedom farms (1L Elemental Blend to 20L of FF soil) and then I feed with around 50% of the bio-bizz recommended nutrients (depending on stage of growth, I use more around week 4 - week 6 of flower), this method has worked the best for me. The only "catch" being that you probably need to give CalMag for the first few weeks of veg. I don't know why, but every plant I stick into freedom farms has an immediate Calmag deficiency, but is easily combatted with one dose of Calmag a week for the first 3 / 4 weeks of veg, then its fine after that. If you anticipate this, its great easy growing. With organic I find you just need to work 2 weeks ahead of where your plant is in development. For example, if you going to flip to flower, start pre-loading your soil with the nutrients the plant is going to need in a week or two's time. This gives the microbes time to break it down into a form the plant can uptake when it needs it. So take a bloom booster for example, it's basically just Potassium, so in week 4 of flower, I start pre-loading the soil with lots of potassium so that by the end of week 5 or start of week 6 the plant is able to absorb as much potassium as it wants. The same happens at the end of the grow, from week 7 I start feeding water only so that in week 9 I can harvest.
  14. Probably around 10 years, I put them in last year and have been working like a boss ever since
  15. I run a 3kva inverter connected to 4 x 12V lithium batteries, its able to hold two tents running at a total of 1600 watts for about 3 and a half hours (along with some lights for the house and our PC's and TV). The unit itself cost me around R45000, but worth every cent.
  16. Thank you sir, I your spot on the money from my reading up on these. Yeah, a herd doesn't even describe how many there are...
  17. Hey y'all, So the first time I ever saw these bugs was in the pot trays for my autopots and I figured it was some water bourn bug/pest, but when I was done with the harvest and checked the roots, it was teaming with these things. Now in one of my organic pots, these little fuckers are back and I have no idea what they are. They are coming out in my run off and are tiny, I assume they feeding on the roots, but I have no idea how to get rid of them or if its even worth trying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. My vote is for Blueberry Muffin or Orange Kush Cake
  19. I basically give Fishmix (1ml/1L) and Kushy amino acid (or bio heaven) with almost every feed during veg (once a week I just give plain water, rest of the time it's biobizz). When I flip the lights to 12/12, I then switch to using: Week 1: Grow (1ml/1L), Bloom (1ml/1L), Top-Max (1ml/1L), Kushy Amino (3ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 2: Grow (1ml/1L), Bloom (2ml/1L), Top-Max (1ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 3: Grow (1ml/1L), Bloom (2ml/1L), Top-Max (1ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 4: Grow (1ml/1L), Bloom (3ml/1L), Top-Max (1ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 5: Grow (0.5ml/1L), Bloom (4ml/1L), Top-Max (4ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 6: Grow (0.5ml/1L), Bloom (4ml/1L), Top-Max (4ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 7: Grow (0.5ml/1L), Bloom (4ml/1L), Top-Max (4ml/1L), Kushy Amino (4ml / 10L) - Every Watering Week 8: Just Plain water Week 9: Just Plain water I also add CalMag, Silica and microbes in once a week through veg until week 5 of flower. Now depending on what amendments you have in your soil will depend on how you adjust the above, for example if you using freedom farms green bag, then the above is perfect. If for example you have amended your freedom farms with something like the Dirty Hands Elemental Blend, then you would still use the same quantities as above, except not every watering, more like every 2nd watering. This is what I do since I amend freedom farms with elemental blend - This works out cheaper on nutrients (Basically works out to R26 per plant to half my biobizz nutrients) and you get the same result as using biobizz with every watering.
  20. Hey CloneJunki, Greenhouse Seed Co does an exodus cheese which is pretty awesome, there are clones available here - https://seedandclone.co.za/product/exodus-cheese/ Cannabisseeds.co.za is out of stock of the seeds, but you could keep an eye on it - https://www.cannabisseeds.co.za/store/feminised/ghsc-exodus-cheese However if you are ordering internationally or from the EU, you could buy directly from Greenhouse Seed Co - https://shop.greenhouseseeds.nl/feminised-cannabis-seeds/exodus-cheese/?variation_id=364
  21. What Ill_Even said, plus tell your brother to stop watering so much. Fungus gnats love wet top soil, he needs to let the soil dry out at the top before watering again. Yellow sticky traps are one of the best things to get ride of and prevent fungus gnats. To get rid of the fungus gnat larvae, you can mix up a hydrogen peroxide and water to make a 1% hydrogen peroxide mix. Pour it over the top layer of soil, you really only want it to soak in like 2cm into the soil, so don't over water as it will kill pretty much all microbes in the soil. Do this every 2nd day for a week, then you can introduce microbes back into the top soil with any microbial blend. I wouldn't recommend growing with the tent open and access to outdoors, it will attract everything from fungus gnats to thrips, aphids, spider-mites, etc and completely defeats the purpose of growing indoor because you are still subjecting the plants to outdoor stresses (like bugs).
  22. So just an update on this, my clones from www.seedandclone.co.za arrived this morning , they gave me an extra clone and they all look very healthy. So yeah, they are legit, you can order clones from, they just lack a little communication, but the clones from them look good.
  23. So I've never had a bad clone from cannaclone.co.za Up until this last order of Apple Blossom Clones, I've never had an issue with cannacut.co.za clones (30 odd clones ordered in total) What did however bother me, was Cannacut's response to me bringing the PM to their attention: Yeah...so... lets not do that... I pretty much did a similar "bathing" technique of these Apple Blossom clones, but with 2% hydrogen peroxide, then just a continual weekly treatment of AQ-SF. However I must say that I fucking hate growing from seeds... germinating seeds is my handicap in growing cannabis. I just went through R4000's worth of seeds (Humbolt Blueberry miffin and Humbolt Hella Jelly) and I can only get them to go as far as pushing the Cotyledons up out the seed and then they just fucking die. I am terrible at germinating them, but that's ok, I'm ok with it, because on the other hand, when I have successfully grown from seed, my OCD does not like the same strain, but different Pheno's in the same tent... my meds are not nearly strong enough to deal with that shit. I much prefer growing from clones every single time and I have no problem paying for good clones with good genetics. Clones cut a full month off of the veg time, from seed you need like 60 days veg before flowering, from clone it's at the same point in 30 days, then flip, giving essentially 4 indoor grow cycles a year. I also like the consistency of growing 4 of the exact same plant each time, its OCD friendly I would rather pay someone who is good at their skills of growing from seed to clone, than me stumbling around like a duck with a rake wasting shittons of money on seeds that just die in my hands. Yeah sure there are the risks of getting bad clones or ones with PM, but statistically, I've only had 4 clones with PM out of 40 odd clones I've ordered, that's a 90% success rate vs my 0% germination rate.
  24. Finally got an order confirmation this morning and a note that they busy with it, looks promising, now lets see if the clones actually get sent to me.
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