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Something I've been trying to grow.

West Coast Vaper

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Most people know how difficult it is to get a start in the cannabis industry. FCUK I've tried for 3 years with limited budget and success.


Like all my grows, when something goes wrong, I always go back to basics first.


Started a retail nursery attached to a farm stall/coffee shop/restaurant.

I'm local and most people know I'm a passionate grower of herbs especially the Mother Herb.

And to steal someone else's saying I have a growing 'Pensioners Therapy' clientele growing out here in the bush.


So I'll grow this gig one seed at a time and supply the local bush folk with, well, shit we don't get out here.


So watch this space.


Until I can get branded packaged seeds, in the pipe line, I am passing forward seeds gifted to me by some very special breeders that have always been supportive and helpful.


Yes. 420 friendly. Depending on wind direction.










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I apologize to admin in advance.

But Fcuk, this has been a looong veg period.

Hoping on having the chill garden ready but you might have to bring your own beach brollie.

Slowly but surely this nursery will be catering for the growers stuck out here.

Or just a place to relax.

So sorry admin. I'm not really trying to plug my business but am inviting everyone to flowering day.28483adcba75efb35fc4f47d1b561b82.jpg4bc873525fa50efaea21c86aecfb24bc.jpg292c29265be297a00c8bf7a5603e06fb.jpg

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