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Outdoor/Shade House 2022

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As l was culling the male's I've been upgrading 10l pots to 20l.


A bit difficult on photo shoots as plants are blending into background plants.


A few plants showing slight nutrient issues but nothing I'm worried about just yet.


Busy wording a summary of the grow up till now considering this grow is using R25/40l soil.


Update on that shortly. 





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have you considered nutrient cost breakdown per plant p/cycle by any chance
impressive what could be achieve with the basics. R25 per 40l isnt bad at all
Not yet.
I heard via our bush telegraph that someone was using this soil on a regular basis.
I added perlite to start then...
Hang on. I'll give the whole spcheel soon.
But yes there has been feed involved.

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6 hours ago, lloyd81 said:

How was the Anastasia 99, is it worth growing?


Sorry that I'm taking a gap on diaries at the moment but I'm not taking a gap on growing.

I've had ups and downs growing @Bay Seeds Anastasia 99 Autoflower but germination on my side has been pretty much 100%.

3 plants from 5 usually turn out good for me bearing in mind I use Reservation Soil (whatever soil I come up with).


I've grown in 10l, 20l, 40l and 100l in a shade house and best results have been the 40l.

20l ok'ish.


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Once again my outdoor grow was a flop. 
Bay Seeds Anastasia 99 autoflower  performed well until the caterpillars arrived on the scene. 
The photoperiods I had to move into the shade house as the climate was klapping them six nil.

Already working on next seasons outdoor attempt.

This grow is a mix of Totemic and Bay Seeds genetics. Gardeners Delight as none have been labeled. I wanted to spend this season learning about the plant.

@Totemic: CG x SL
                CG x GTH
                GTH x OKC 
@Bay Seeds: Glamberry x LG OG
                    Master Lester

I started with a 128 seedling tray using a seedling mix (no cost) our landladies make for fynbos propagation. 118 seeds sprouted.

Soil I used cost R25/40l from a local nursery wholesaler which I added perlite to.

First few waterings I  added molasses.
Seagro was also used maybe 3 or 4 times as a foliar when I ran out of molasses. 
A top dress of Gardeners Gold Dust was added.
Then I think I fucked up by adding Rose & Flower fertilizer but I got off lightly.

The next week or two I'll be feeding some Sea-Rock phosphorus liquid fertilizer. 

Just in case you are wondering.
 No, not all at the same time. The above happened in stages.

Pest control has pretty much been manual this grow. I'm out here minimum twice a day checking. First sign of any spider mite or any other poop or infestation I remove all effected leaves and give a spray of Biogro Neudosan.

Of the 118 that sprouted I gifted about 20 and had to be brutal culling the ugly ducklings due to soil availability. 

There are two plants left outdoors from about 18 and 24 in the shade house. 

Heading into the final straight. 

Pic 1 & 2 outdoors. 

Last pic is produce from the worm bin.













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I decided to chop yesterday before the storm hit. So glad that i did. Already lost about a third due to budrot and budworms. This rain wouldve been the final straw. Ideally wouldve wanted to give them another week but, hey still happy with what i got. Sterkte. Some more rain coming!

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