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420SA Page Removed Off Instagram

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420SA hasn't been active on Instagram for quite some time now so it may not come as much of a loss but nevertheless without warning, Instagram decided to delete the forum's page in December. No reason given, no email received. I think the page had accumulated around 2.5k followers before it was taken down and hadn't had a post in months.

I believe a large number of cannabis related pages also got taken down in December as well so it clearly was part of a recent campaign. 

I personally have no intention to start up another page unless the need really arises so for now there will be no 420SA page on Instagram. Fortunately the Facebook page still exists...for now. 

Has anyone else had their pages banned or know of any big pages that got deleted recently?

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Sorry to hear that, but if you were not using it, its not a big loss. Hopefully oneday these companies will allow cannabis companies to advertise and publish like the rest. I dont know of any recent page deletions, but I get community warnings every few months, on both IG and FB. Because of these companies policies, cannabis brands pages can be deleted at any given moment. no recourse. I have had a couple FB pages deleted, been shadow banned for a couple years and get the regular community warnings. I had a youtube channel around 2010 taken down, it was making some decent money off it, about 7500 subscribers, got 3 content warnings over the course of 2 months, woke up one morning. DELETED!  Dagga Party also had a big loss when their FB page ( 50k likes )  was hacked, taken over by a some some idiots and had to start again. FB was not interested in restoring rightful ownership. 

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