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Howzit fellow growers!

I am nearing harvesting time and need some urgent advise on drying my whole plant vs wet trimming then hanging separate branches vs wet trimming and removing buds and using a drying rack.

My drying room's humidity is 60% - 75% and temps average about 23 degrees Celsius. Will use a fan on a timer for air circulation (electricity saving) but unfortunately a dehumidifier isn't an option at the moment.🙁

The plants are hybrids and the buds are diiiik so the dreaded mold is my biggest concern.

Any input would be greatly appreciated✌️



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I had a similar situation a few weeks ago. Where I usually dry trim, here I wet trimmed a fair amount away. This I felt, helped, as the plant was in such a humid room, it didn't need more leaves to add to that. And I found that worked quite well. I also had 1-2 days where I left the heater on a bit and off a bit. It raised the temps a bit but shot the humidity down for a while + dried them a bit. We had tons of rain, so I was more worried about mould hence the more drastic measures.

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I don’t know how effective it is, but why not try a home made salt dehumidifier? You can find out how on YouTube or this link
I built one cheaply using a round rubbish bin and a large round plastic perforated bowl which fits in the top. (The bowl is more like a large flour shaker / sieve).
You then buy a 50kg Rock Salt from TWK (mine is sold as a cattle supplement, evidently they dig raw salt) even though you only need maybe 5-10kg at a time.
Put the salt in the top and water will eventually drip down into the bucket.

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