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Garage Grow Room Walls

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About to start as setup in my garage.
I'm lucky to have some extra space in my garage

I'm not too concerned about highly reflective walls as my light is abit more powerfull than whats needed.
Is there a cheap plastic sheeting that i can use for the walls ? Thinking PVC sheeting, but white.

Popped in at Builders Warehouse, but the only have it in Black.

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In your case just paint it white, many coats . A Matt white will have better reflectivity then the plastic which is glossy. Plan your intake an exhaust. Vent out an airbrick or something and take intake air from the garage. Add some braces in the dry wall so you can mount your circulation fan there for added floor space. Keep it simple but ensure it's light tight, very important. 

You gonna need space in the garage for a small reservoir and a shelf.

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1 hour ago, Kiteloop said:

@1000Hills Nursery  So ive read about Matt white paint reflecting better than Glossy.
But something like Panda Film, which is very popular in Grow shops and growers alike, is glossy. Why is that?


Panda film is really nice and handy to have around. We always using it for light sealing etc. I'm pretty sure it has decent reflectivity.

As a start begin with white walls. You can always staple on reflective sheeting after your first grow. There are more important things to address then optimum reflectivity like climate control and lighting. 

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@Stinger96 im kinda thinking not to do that, drill holes and insert plugs into the wall, then just screw the Rhino board directly onto the wall.
I'm also checking out a company today that makes a 250 micron plastic sheets that comes in  1.4 x 1.0m.
This could also be a very good option. Besides the fact that it's the perfect dimensions for my application, it will be very easy to work with and just screw straight onto the wall. 

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@TheUltimateNoob  its an option. the issue with all the different type of Sheeting,  is how to get it to stick to a raw cement/brick wall. 
thats why im thinking of just screwing Rhino Ceiling boards to the walls. cut them to size, and 4 x screws, pretty easy.
Yeah I understand... Aluminium tape or screws with washers work on Mylar as well.
You'd just have to be extra careful not to tear it any more than you need to.

I feel the Mylar will offer more bang for your buck in the long run.
But the boards are the cheaper, easier option. Although the prices may be similar after you factor in paint and stuff

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On 5/12/2020 at 9:16 PM, Kiteloop said:

@1000Hills Nursery  ok so checked out Rhino Board and its the cheapest by far!
1.2 x 3m for R140
Would be much easier to install this than any other lining/sheet.
Do I keep it the blank colour it is, or paint it? If I paint it, is the type of paint important? 


Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 21.14.03.png

As a bonus, if you do use this board and you get tired of it, you can always grind it up and use it in your soil, being Gypsum. (This was intended to as joke, not to be taken as serious grow advice) although Gypsum🌿

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@SmokeyZero so rhino board was an option, but it weight a ton.
Instead i found something epic! Its called Supa Wood, They usually use it for the backing on cupboards.
Its sturdy, about 5mm and is white on one side. Super cheap R140 and comes in large sheets.

Then Cape Plastics in Cape Town stock plastic sheets for R80. Its thicker than usual plastic sheeting so it holds as a sheet.



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