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We I have become a bit addicted to buy new pipes. I prefer pipe smoking to joints. So I will be posting some my NOVELTY PIPE COLLECTION pictures in this Topic. Please share what your pipes look like. 

First one up is my little Hookah pipe. Not a bad smoke for such a little pipe. It’s pretty plastic except where the herb goes is metal. 

So this one is more for show than a daily smoking device. 


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That is pretty cool, there is water inside so it can be filtered and cooled a bit too.


Although isn't this in the wrong section, not really news? 😛 


I am a vape guy, vape all the way... Dab on occasion and bong on a very rare occasion.

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[mention=1970]PsyCLown[/mention] still finding my way around here.
I am starting to think that vape is a much better option - much cleaner and healthy
I am a non-smoker(cigarettes that is). So once I find the best recipe for DIY Thc vape juice - I will join you!!!
When I say vape, I mean vape the bud.
So not turn it into to a liquid.

I personally use a Vapor Genie and have a cheap Chinese herb vape. I'd love to get a PAX 3 though but they're not cheap.

A vape heats the bud up enough to release the good stuff, the taste is more pure and the bud does not combust (burn).

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2 minutes ago, 420sake said:

Nice toys there. Personally, I am done with smoking for good.


Did my lungs in - so now vape is my favorite - using honey oil.

One thing which fascinates me is that locally when people talk about vaping it is often liquids / extracts as opposed to vaping dry bud.

Much easier to vape bud IMO, less hassle. I really enjoy it!

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11 minutes ago, 420sake said:

I have also heard that PC. You have just made up my mind for me.

I will order a bud vape tonight and report back.

Miss the green.

Get a good one though, some are a bit shitty.

I'd love a PAX 3, never tried one but sounds amazing. Very pricey though.

I personally use a Vapor Genie, but they are not available locally. I also have a cheap chinese dry herb vape which got decent reviews - I imagine it to be similar to a PAX 3 but lacking a bit and it does, it has a small chamber and the temp settings are not ideal and it takes a while to heat up.


The Dynavap seems good, but you have no control over the temperature as it is meant to make a click sound once heated up properly.

Just do some research first, there is a lot of crap out there.

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