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  1. Making our streets save one middle aged baker at a time...
  2. Unfortunately I'm not able to take the credit for that brilliant idea, I make eyelids in the material pot and train that way: Your way is better as it's not permanent like mine.
  3. Oh... there goes my argument out the door... yes meant 14 weeks 😅
  4. Membership is R949 per month and depending on strain can take up to 14 months from seed to harvest, meaning you will pay R13 000 for the space with a max of two plants, that's allot of $$$ for two plants... Think I need to work on a business plan, missing some good $$$ 😛
  5. Photo I took yesterday, not very creative but super cute 😊
  6. No one is judge'erig here... Good luck and welcome!
  7. Stoukie

    Roll Call

    Northern Suburbs, Bellville...
  8. I have used Trophy Seeds and Sacred Seeds in the past and service was excellent. Let us know what you looking for maybe someone has a couple of beans laying around willing to part with them.
  9. I find buying and collecting seeds is very addictive, like catching Pokemon, gotta catch them all 😛
  10. Did my first bud wash today, went with two buckets, first with 200ml of 12% hydrogen peroxide to 5 liter water, I know it's very diluted but did not want to overdo it on my first go. Second bucket clean water, also 5 liters. Branches were cut and whole branch dunked and drowned in the H202 solution, moved the branches around in the water to 'wash' them, all and all 15 seconds in bucket 1 and 15 in bucket 2. H202 left, clean water right: Close up of H202 bucket after wash: Buds hung to dry, will move them to dark place tonight: All that is left: Hopefully it helped a bit, found a couple of leaves with PM, so rather safe than sorry.
  11. In my defense when I was adding and subtracting in my head it look like the first time Neo saw the Matrix on the screen... okay that and I was high as a mother 😳 Thank you for this!
  12. Right so let's do some math... PAM PAM PAM!!! I bought a bottle of 12% peroxide, if you are doing a 1 part H202 to 3 parts water and your peroxide is 3%... So I'm going to dilute 1 part peroxide to 12 parts water, in other words 85ml per 1 liter of water for 12% H202? Will try it out!
  13. So why did no one tell me everyone except me is doing it! 😛
  14. Also appreciate the reply @Breadinator. Right so also three buckets, I see you go for the more natural bicarb and lemon juice vibes. I think I might just try it out!
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