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  1. This was the first time I bought seeds this way, school fees paid 🙂 The main aim of this post is to create awareness and hopefully save people some $$$$$ Many thanks I attached the wrong files. Absolutely.
  2. yeah, I bought the seeds from a hydro store that stocked them, I normally would not buy seeds this way 😞 I added the packaging pics above now. I hope I can save other people some $$$$$
  3. Grew "ACDC" strain from cannabestseeds.co.za and received my tests from Qure laboratories, the results revealed that it had 10% THC and 0% CBD. (I had a 1g sample of the flower and 1ml extracted oil).That strain reports it should contain 20% CBD and 0% THC, R 2k down on testing alone, never mind the time, money on nutes and the seeds themselves and the cost of keeping the mother alive during this period I have attached the test results below. Please be careful where you buy from, its absolutely disgusting that people would do this knowing that it is used to help the sick.
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