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  1. Getting pretty dank. A few thick nuggets. Trichs still mostly clear. About 2 weeks left.
  2. Just an interesting mutation here on the Black Valley. One of the branches grew 3 little creepers with nanners. I pinched them off, as I don't need any hermie seeds. Pretty cool though.
  3. Migro did a video on them 1.49 PPFD/W Convenient, but not great efficiency. Looks like a bit of a death trap, too. Compared to buying a 2 PPFD/W light for twice the price, you'll save money up until you've used about 600kWh. So you'll get 500 days worth of 12hrs/day light (or 333 days of 18 hrs/day), until it becomes more expensive overall with electricity, than a 2.0 PPFD/W light. (Assuming price of electricity doesn't rise)
  4. I sprayed it at lights out, and have an extraction fan on that tent, so it should have dried off by the morning. So I think the burning is just what it does. No signs of thrips though, so that's good.
  5. Day 82... Pyrol really maimed the Chocolope. Black Valley not as much. The bucket is just to catch the runoff. Was going to set it up for hydro (pump/drip) but just haven't got around to it. I should put something under the pots. I don't actually want them drinking that nutrient goop, as the EC is probably too high. But it should be ok for a few days like this.
  6. @PsyCLownChocolope on the left, Black Valley on the right. I left them under a 75W Cob (3500k) with 60 degree lens, in the 60*60 tent. Was probably too intense, and only hitting half the plants directly.
  7. @Kgrows Yeah, next time I'll do hydrogen peroxide instead. I've read up on neem and pyrol, and am willing to take the risk. Pyrethrin degrades in a day, and neem oil within three weeks. So if there's any left in 9 weeks time, it will be very residual. Happy to be a guinea pig. Will let everyone know if I throw up after smoking it.
  8. @Kgrows It's pretty early in flower. Week 3 maybe. It's definitely possible that I end up smoking some chemicals, and having an adverse reaction, but I'm also the kind of person who would try that, "for science". I've read up about pyrethrins and azadirachtin, and am not worried about it, at week 3. I also have abundant personal stash in case I don't like pyrol/neem weed.
  9. Well, the pyrol really did a number on the plants, but they'll be ok. Went for a higher concentration (40ml/L) than lower (20ml/L), so the thrips are probably dead, at least. Will keep an eye on it. Not my most impressive grow by far, but I'm sure it'll bulk up a bit before the deadline, and be a decent little plant.
  10. Ok, well did pretty heavy defoliation, and moved to the square meter tent, and they're getting 220W of 3000K/660nm now. Left these guys stretching a bit too much in the 60*60 tent without any training, so they're a bit wacky. Chocolope on the left, and the Black Valley on the right. Looks like the BV needs some nitrogen or calmag. Chocolope looking pretty good other than whatever thrips remain after the neem oil. I'll finish them off with pyrol soon. The Black Valley didn't have any thrips, which is pretty interesting. Maybe not as tasty, with the yellowish leaves.
  11. Thanks, well I covered the whole plant in neem oil, top and bottom of all leaves, twice, so probably too late for beneficial bugs. Bugs don't like neem oil. The neem oil should slow them down. The first academic paper on Google said neem oil does 60% thrip reduction in 96 hrs, so it's a good start. It's still early, so I'll defoliate heavily, and try finish them off with neem and pyrol combo. I'd rather just hit it with spray this time. There's not much to contaminate.
  12. Coming along, start of flower. Seems I've got some thrips. Damn. Will neem oil the hell out of the tent while it's still in early flower, and rinse it off. Thrips aren't nearly as bad as mites, at least.
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