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  1. Ok, well did pretty heavy defoliation, and moved to the square meter tent, and they're getting 220W of 3000K/660nm now. Left these guys stretching a bit too much in the 60*60 tent without any training, so they're a bit wacky. Chocolope on the left, and the Black Valley on the right. Looks like the BV needs some nitrogen or calmag. Chocolope looking pretty good other than whatever thrips remain after the neem oil. I'll finish them off with pyrol soon. The Black Valley didn't have any thrips, which is pretty interesting. Maybe not as tasty, with the yellowish leaves.
  2. Thanks, well I covered the whole plant in neem oil, top and bottom of all leaves, twice, so probably too late for beneficial bugs. Bugs don't like neem oil. The neem oil should slow them down. The first academic paper on Google said neem oil does 60% thrip reduction in 96 hrs, so it's a good start. It's still early, so I'll defoliate heavily, and try finish them off with neem and pyrol combo. I'd rather just hit it with spray this time. There's not much to contaminate.
  3. Coming along, start of flower. Seems I've got some thrips. Damn. Will neem oil the hell out of the tent while it's still in early flower, and rinse it off. Thrips aren't nearly as bad as mites, at least.
  4. Update: Just letting them grow. Flipped to flower. Still at 75W. Chocolope in front, Black Valley behind
  5. There's a spectrum, *cough*, of compromise. AC COBs are on the far cheap-up-front end of that spectrum. AC COBs are just super inefficient and dangerous (1) the IC driver tech is not very good yet, and (2) those cheap COBs use inefficient blue LEDs hitting inefficient red phosphors, instead of just using red LEDs. (3) They can kill you or give you nerve damage, if you have an accident with exposed AC, and no grounding wire. @Trailblazer420 - Please put some hot glue or silicone over the AC pads. Do it for the children
  6. At 750W, (500w flower 12hrs/day, 250w veg 18hrs/day?) you'll end up spending a lot more in the long run with cheapies. 12*0.5 = 6 kWh 18*0.25 = 4.5 kWh 10.5 units * 30 days = 315 units/month That'll put you in a residential bracket, so at minimum, R1.90/unit. Or about R600/month. Migro measured the efficacy of two ebay AC COBs to be 0.29 ppfd/watt for the purple, and 0.65 ppfd/watt for the warm white. So let's say 0.45 as an average. So 750w of 0.45 ppfd/watt AC COBs are equivalent to 168W of a decent 2 ppfd/watt light. At the same 2/3 division of 12/18 hours/day, you'd spend 12*0.111=1.34 units 18*0.056=1 unit 2.34 units * 30 days = 70.2 units Or, R133.38/ month on electricity. So if the efficient, expensive light costs R3500, for example, and the DIY AC COBs cost R350, for example, 3500+133x=350+600x x= 6.74 months So that's how long you can use it (assuming they last that long) until it starts costing R467/month more to run the DIY setup. Anyway that's my party pooping 2c.
  7. Yeah, I'll probably take a cutting, give it a few days to heal, and then flip it next week, so that it can finish up before the comp ends. I don't think my chances are very good, after looking at the other entries, so I'll be happy to just stay in the race, and have a clone to work with, in case I particularly like chocolope.
  8. Weekly update. So, down to just the one July 10th baby. 42 days old now (End of week 6). Got one 70W COB in there currently. (Black Valley - Ripper Seeds, in the background, catching up)
  9. Well, good news and bad news. Good news: I have a female! It's the one I thought I topped. Seems I fimmed it, as the regrowth is lopsided. Bad news is, the other 3 are almost certainly males. They don't have balls yet, but the bits are looking more like balls than not. I've started a new round of seedlings, so I will take the the males out to make room for feminised seedlings this week. So, it looks like this will be my plant.
  10. @PsyCLown We've started stocking "Dark Box" tents. These ones are 60x60x140. MSRP is R1600.
  11. Set up some small tents. Upgraded pots. I topped one of the smaller two and left the other one, just to see what happens. Might top the second one too, later. No signs of sex yet. Accidentally flipped to 12 hours for a couple days. Seems like people are starting to flip. I'll probably flip the bigger ones soon then. Bigger ones have a 100W QB now, and the smaller ones have a 75W COB.
  12. I like the time lapses. Are you using a raspberry pi or something?
  13. Training the bigger ones. Hope they're girls.
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