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  1. Greetings, people from earth. ✌️

    I have been "window shopping" on this site for a few months now, just trying to get enough info to get my first grow going. I've had a deep passion for plants my whole life, and an even deeper passion for cannabis the last 13 years. I would consider myself kind of an hyper enthusiast, yep that hits the nail on the head. I want to thank 420sa for providing such a great forum for us locals to gather and share our stories and info on!!! I've always had a plant growing, but only harvested about 5 of them. I've had ghetto setups, all that, never anything amazing. Did a 10 plant outdoor grow last year, with a few OK plants only harvested 4 of them, but that's not where my attention is at. Got myself a 1mx1mx1.8m tent, 360Watt (probably 240True Watt) LED light, a fan, inline fan, carbon filter - all that... got a few clones from a buddy and here we go!!!! Actually, the ladies are all at week 14. Flowering for 5 weeks already. So far everything seems to be 100% as I followed all you guys' instructions to the T! I just thought it's a good idea to jump in and become part of such a great community!!! I have tons of questions, but always end up researching for hours trying to find very simple detail, just "window shopping" here has already made it so much easier finding the right information for a grower from the Overberg area. 

    Anyway, blessed all you beautiful people! Hope you all had a wonderful day and are lucky enough to wind down at the end of all the crazyness blowing your favourite smoke!

    Growing Goodness!!! 



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