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  1. Has anyone had the CRAFT cannabis from green guys? It is lightyears ahead of even the best indoor I have gotten my hands on. Vaping at around 185°C, you can taste every flavour note that leafly says it has, without needing to be a connoisseur. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'd love to figure out what voodoo the growers are up to, it was trainwreck and lemon zkittles. This is my new goal on the journey. Sent from my ALE-L21 using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks @Prom. Small update. Few more amber trichomes. I think I want a 70% cloudy 30% amber mix, though it is hard to tell, I feel like a more days may be perfect, though this would still be my first harvest, so I can't confidently say just yet. Any thoughts on the plant stage would be appreciated. It's crazy how small this plant is 😄
  3. This was a grow that never had time to transplant from bagseed, it began to flower. I have never harvested before, but I am seeing lots of amber trichomes in some images, thoughts? Already too much time spent still growing?
  4. Hello. I am just considering the Doomsday scenario, and I am curious if anyone has done the math somewhere, on how to get off the grid? For power: What are the options? Wind + Solar + Battery? For water: I already get my water from a borehole, I would just need to power it separately. So has anyone done the math on getting off the grid, perhaps with links and suggestions for products? (I'm not retreating into post-apocalypse mentality, I've always wanted to do this anyway, PS: Anyone seen the episode of South Africa's orania on Netflix's Dark Tourist?) Thanks, stay safe out there.
  5. I want to focus on the highest quality bud I can grow for myself, so that I can vape it, and take shots of it for online stock photo/video. My partner will make infused experiments with baking, cannabutter etc... I want to learn with say, 2-4 plants indoor, giving me a variety of challenges and learning opportunities. I also prefer LED lights. I am looking at spending under R10k. I am focused on quality over quantity.
  6. Thanks guys, still learning, still window shopping
  7. What do you think about the indoor tent grow kits like this one on futurama? Are there any other kits I can look at online?
  8. Thanks CreX, I will pull them out gently a bit later, hope the rest of the bud will still be good. I'm still trying to figure out plans for next grow, I really want to do indoor, but load shedding worries me about having to do extra work, or spend more to not do extra work. I actually really want to do a greenhouse-indoor hybrid, that way I get the control of my mini-ecosystem, but also the magic of the sun. Any suggestions for me?
  9. Hello. I have planted bag seeds, as I am still starting out and learning, and I've just started learning about photo-period plants and auto-flower plants. All my plants began to flower a few weeks ago and are slowly getting toward the end of flowering, does that mean they were auto-flower?
  10. Hello there! Newbie grower here, this is part of a grow I started in 2019 which failed, I left the outdoor plants outside, and they naturally went into flower this year (as I have recently learned), so I now notice these brown spots on this one, please advise! They are in a very old and basic culterra potting mix which I have learned not to use. Thanks
  11. Any advice and or power options would be welcome, scared to start a grow if load shedding will just negate the effort. Looking for solutions, I do have great access to sunlight too. Sent from my ALE-L21 using Tapatalk
  12. Please recommend any guides or links for growing. I'm wanting to get some living soil from growstation. Thanks Sent from my ALE-L21 using Tapatalk
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