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  1. All part of the journey. I am sure that I will fail somewhere, but thats the fun of it. Just keep trying. I really appreciate the input from everyone.
  2. I have a Ghost Train Haze cross i want to preserve. Got a few seeds from a friend, and the ones he grew from the same batch were sublime. Cannot find anything in the same league locally. Going to practice on a Durban Poison first and if it works out then I will proceed with them.
  3. I read up a bit more on the STS route. I thought it was much more difficult. Going to give it a try. Any specific brands of Silver Nitrate and Sodium Thiosulfate to look for? Don't want to get the wrong stuff. Checked quickly at Dischem, nothing in stock.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I will have a look around on the site for some STS methods. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi. New to the forum, and new to indoor growing. I have read quite a bit regarding the use of colloidal silver, but no definite answers on the results with normal Dischem sold Silver Labs brand Ionic Colloidal Silver. 18 ppm I think. Does it work, or should I look elsewhere? Not keen on the STS method, and not keen on making my own. If not strong enough, where can I buy proper colloidal silver? Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
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