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  1. Is that box at the bottom a combo RDTA? I have the exact same one Im sucking on now. your plants look awesome BTW!!!!!
  2. Thats a very good point @Jland Havent had critters yet though.
  3. So i was wondering what else people are growing in their setups? I've started cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce seedlings in my clone room, which will be moved outside in several weeks. They are loving the 300 watt LED. So what else have you guys grown or are currently growing? ***420sa this is not vegetable code*** Dead serious about the veggies i'm growing and want to know what other people are growing.
  4. There are just so many variables too. I suppose a non frost freezer would work better than a regular freezer. Perhaps sealing the seeds in a super air tight container might work in a freezer. I sometimes cure buds in the freezer in sealed jars. The humidity is way under 10% so I make sure the RH in the jars is a stable 65%. After a week the buds are removed and kept sealed in the jars for several hours until it has defrosted. DON'T open the jars until they've reached room temperature!!! But anyway, that's off topic. Do you guys think that different seeds from different regions store better than others? For example ruderalis that grows wild in Russia will probably have seeds that will last longer in a fridge or freezer than seeds from equatorial regions. Just a thought I've always wondered. Any opinions? Personally I store seeds in small labelled jars and keep them in a bottom drawer. The oldest seeds are 3 years old. They all germed April this year and were grown indoors over winter. Ill try the same batch of seeds next year and let you know. But like I said, there's so many variables. Temp, humidity, etc. I'm sure even different altitudes can affect seeds somehow. In my imagination box freezing seeds could damage DNA. It's something I must still try. There are some fruit seeds that need to be kept in the freezer for a few months to simulate winter. This is called stratification. Apple seeds are one example. But cannabis beans don't need this treatment. They just need warmth and water to 'hatch'. You've got me itching to experiment now. I will freeze some seeds.
  5. Just my 2 cents... after 5 years most seeds won't be viable. Unless they're kept at perfect laboratory conditions. In my opinion freezing cannabis seeds for extended periods of time will kill them. You could do a specific density test on your seeds. Put some in a glass of water and the seeds that sink after 24 hours have a chance of germinating. What medium are you using to germinate your seeds? Another trick I have used is hydrogen peroxide (3%). A small glass of water that is stagnant and has seeds floating and sinking in it will quickly starve the seeds of oxygen. Unless the surface of the water is being disturbed, which allows oxygen exchange at the surface. This is how fish tanks work. I have found that adding a few drops of h202 helps oxygenate the water and increase the chances of germination. Especially in old seeds. But 5 year old seeds... I don't know...
  6. Hey guys Just though I'd start this... have any of you bred your own seeds etc? But like properly bred and stabilised it? I'd love to hear your stories. See some photos. Discuss methods and traits you prefer. Attached (I hope) is a female grown from very good swazi bagseed. 2 years ago I planted swazi like a mad person and kept only the strongest and stickiest females. As well as 2 males whose stems smelled like chocolate when rubbed. Probably wasn't pure swazi, but the home grown buds smacked harder than the original product. Obviously. After taking clones from all the plants and labelling them I kept the best female cuttings and pollinated with the swazi male. I then grew those seeds out, kept the females and pollinated them with male pollen from the original seeds that I planted again. Those new seeds were then planted. A friend of mine gave me a few clones and seeds of an unknown kush. Leaves were fat, the high was couch lock and munchies. Not something I like in weed. But I like it's shorter flower time and denser buds. I have ADHD by the way and take ritalin (I'm 32 years old ). However, I prefer a sativa dominant bud to medicate the chemical imbalance. So I take only half the prescribed ritalin dosage everyday instead and maintain an appetite. Ritalin has so many side effects. Anyway, my goal here is to create a strain for myself that has the cerebral buzz from sativa, but also a very slight sedative affect from hints of indica. I also hope flowering time will decrease by at least 30%. Next step is grow these seeds out and take clones. Test the effects and back cross again with the original swazi seeds. Then test again. Checking flowering time, quality and yield. Repeating the male kush pollination if necessary and then more inbreeding. Just out of curiosity, who else is prescribed ritalin or other crappy meds?
  7. Hi everyone Just wanna introduce myself and say hello. I'm from Johannesburg, South Africa. 32 year old white male. Been a cannabis fan since the age of 14. And have numerous indoor and outdoor grows under my belt. As well as a few breeding programs of my own. My preferred smoking method is with my trusty old pipe. However, I have recently purchased a desktop whip style convection vaporiser, which has proven perfect for day time sessions using lovely sativa dominant buds. Compliments my line of work like a glass of sauvignon blanc coupled with a seafood platter. So ja, nice to be here and meet fellow enthusiasts from our beautiful country! Let's share knowledge and grow together! Cheers JoburgGold
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