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    Seeds are an obsession for us, and we wanted to be able share our passion for quality genetics. Please give @loudcptseedbank on instagram a follow if you'd like to support us. Everything we stock, we stand by. And we're always here to chat if you're curious about any particular lineage or breeder we stock. If you're looking for particular types of traits we'd love to chat about which packs may best suit your needs. We are online-based and ship nationwide
  2. LOUDcpt


    FUELED BY FIRE LOUDcpt was founded around the concept of bringing in the highest quality cannabis-related products to the South African market. Whether we are sourcing glass pieces internationally or helping to support upcoming local businesses, our primary goal will be ensuring our products undergo scrupulous quality control to make sure that our clients are shipped products they will be excited to own. We are online-based and ship nationwide
  3. Thanks for the welcome and appreciate the feedback from our existing customers! We're a very small team, but we're doing our best to provide a smooth shopping experience and bring in products we felt were missing in the local market.
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