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  1. LOUDcpt


    Seeds are an obsession for us, and we wanted to be able share our passion for quality genetics. Please give @loudcptseedbank on instagram a follow if you'd like to support us. Everything we stock, we stand by. And we're always here to chat if you're curious about any particular lineage or breeder we stock. If you're looking for particular types of traits we'd love to chat about which packs may best suit your needs. We are online-based and ship nationwide
  2. LOUDcpt


    FUELED BY FIRE LOUDcpt was founded around the concept of bringing in the highest quality cannabis-related products to the South African market. Whether we are sourcing glass pieces internationally or helping to support upcoming local businesses, our primary goal will be ensuring our products undergo scrupulous quality control to make sure that our clients are shipped products they will be excited to own. We are online-based and ship nationwide
  3. https://loudcpt.co.za/ We wanted to take the time to wish all the women out there a great women's month. We thank each and every one of you who have supported us, including those on our team. To send gratitude to all the lovely stoner ladies (and everyone else) out there, we've marked all Blazy Susan products down 25% for the entire month of August.
  4. We created LOUDcpt with the concept of bringing premium quality cannabis products into South Africa. Both myself and my business partner felt that we were constantly struggling to find products locally that had the quality we wanted from smoking accessories, our love for craft cannabis and heady glass, in particular, made us realize that someone needs to get these brands onto our shores. While we are proud to have introduced international brands like Blazy Susan, Vibes, and authentic Roor products to the South African market, we also wanted to ensure we stay true to our roots and support local businesses who can match the scrupulous quality control measures we implement to stay true to our brand. We are proud to have been the first to bring Vibes Papers and Blazy Susan products to the South African market. As well as the world’s first and only CBD papers by ROOR. We are also excited to be the first to offer Riot Seeds locally. Both of LOUDcpt's founders (CapeTownLoud & TrichomeChaser) are long time community members with previous experience in the American flower market as well as local genetics consultancy and genetics imports. While our team is small, we put a lot of our focus on customer experience, being very open to feedback and suggestions on how we can improve ourselves for our customer base. We realize that our market niche isn't for everyone, but we hope that we can provide a platform where those looking for quality products will find what they're looking for. This is still early days for LOUDcpt, and we have a lot of concepts that we're working on getting the cogs turning on. So stay tuned for updates around that. Otherwise, don't hesitate to reach out to us here via DMs or via our forum section should you have any questions.
  5. Thanks for the welcome and appreciate the feedback from our existing customers! We're a very small team, but we're doing our best to provide a smooth shopping experience and bring in products we felt were missing in the local market.
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