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Unintended consequences

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Howzit lekke ppl,
I always seem to be growing something, as can be seen from the 'other' herbs.
Had some swazi bagseed germinate between the basil and chillis in Spring 2018 and voila.
Largest remaining female now bearing decent heads, especially as she's in very sandy soil and does not recieve enough sun. Top dressed with my own compost and stuck to seagrow once a week, finishing her off with molasses to fatten up a bit.
1st pic Dec 18(let's see what happens)
2nd pic Feb19(almost 2m tall)
3&4 heads (smelling awesome)
Now about 1 or 2 weeks away from harvest, checking every day.
Won battles against aphids, worms and spidermites. Happy to say they all died horrible deaths...ha,ha,ha.
Had to brush up on a lot of stuff from nutes (organic and chem) to adjusting water ph and fighting all the goggas.
Glad I joined this forum, learnt a lot. Thanks a million guys and gals.
Gonna do a larger scale outdoor grow.
Babies allready germinated, will post pics soon.
Cheers vir eers
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Big mama is doing well, but not quite there yet. I know it's late in the season, but she is soo close I don't want to stuff it up by harvesting early. 1st 2 pics trichs too clear.

Started the winter outdoor grow as an experiment. Extending daylight with artificial light.We have very mild winters, so we'll see how they perform. 3rd pic.587be3631c01b839d6775f735cfbf275.jpg9536d3b00b8872072b439f0dc83adb0d.jpg34fa083957062ca4b69adab845c49ee0.jpg

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