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  1. Pandy

    Bad Mix?

    I've been using fish mix with kelpak and I have no issues but I only start feeding once the seedling are like 2 weeks old Been feeding 1 ml fishmix and 15ml kelpak.then will increase as they grow
  2. I'm having the same issue.also autos few weeks away from harvest. I have one of those magneto emergency lights you talking about ,they really are handy during loadshedding. We've been getting power outages like 3 times a day and it's just hectic.I'm just worried when lights go out mould or p.m would settle in and ruin everything 😯
  3. I have 2 of these in the 50w also looking for a nice heatsink. They say it can be used without a driver,still not to sure about this. Are you using a driver?
  4. Pandy

    Soil drench

    @greenkush shot will definitely check it out.
  5. Pandy

    Soil drench

    @greenkush will look into this,sounds way too advanced. I'm still a beginner lol
  6. Pandy

    Soil drench

    @YourStonedBuddy waiting for DE stock to come in at our local store. I heard that's it's really good.
  7. Pandy

    Soil drench

    Iv Been doing the mild neem spray on the top of the soil it helps for the day but when I check up the next morning there are still one or two gnats flying about. I shall continue with the spray. Thanks
  8. Pandy

    Soil drench

    Hi Guys My plant is 7 weeks into flower and I've just noticed a gnat infestation,think they have been there for a while. Will it be advisable to do a neem oil or peroxide soil drench this late into flower? I still have about about 2 weeks till harvest as buds aren't looking that ready. Thanks.
  9. Ahhh man . Okay gonna throw this one out. Thanks guys.
  10. @Green Leaf Organics Hi I left the plant for a week as you said, I'm thinking it looks male. what do you say?
  11. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it
  12. It pretty small though I think it's growth got stunned along the way
  13. @Green Leaf Organics you think I should still leave the plant until it shows sex?
  14. I'm not sure what those long pointy upside down V things are at the bottom of that ball like growth,assumed they pistils... is this male?
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