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    Hydro and Coco
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    Sunlight and HPS
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    Northern Lights, Widow,Jack Herer,anything with diesel.
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    Whatever is cheap and works.
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    Joints, bongs, pipes.

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  1. Batista


    Howsit, and welcome! Alot of new members, this is great! Show us your plants 😄
  2. Batista

    Purchase and Sale

    I think you are allowed to sell them as souvenirs.
  3. Batista

    Easy 2 Go Pot System

    Thanks guys, yes going to order one now for when im away from my plants.
  4. Batista


    Give it a couple more days just to make sure,but that looks like a male to me.
  5. Batista

    How do you smoke ?

    I smoke mainly joints - king size skunk with a small line of premium inside. I hit pemium indoor in my bong or glass pipe clean. I then recently started dabbing with a titanium nail and my bong,but I dont like the nail, prefer a glass banger. Dont really have the time and setting to do edibles,honestly I dont like edibles that much.
  6. Batista

    Seedlings fallen over

    Post some pics so we can advise better.
  7. Batista

    LED replacement chips

    It shouldnt bee too difficult,Take an existing one apart and pry the chip off, rewire and should just work assuming its 220v.I see ACDC was selling the 10w and 20w for R50/R100, so shouldnt be too much of a lesson if you break one. I like your idea very much,pls let us know if you come right.
  8. Hi Guys Anyone have experience with this ? https://growguru.co.za/products/autopot-easy-to-go-kit Just get a large shallow container to hold your pots and then install this thing in the tray. Im growing in Coco and perlite using synthetic nutes. Just looking for new tech that doesnt use electricity, thanks Eskom! Thanks!
  9. Batista

    What are you planning to grow next?

    Something from the Gelato line, Dosi-woah and something from the cake line(Wedding, London).
  10. Batista

    Roll Call

    Gordons bay
  11. Batista

    420SA GrowOff's

    That is awesome and yes I wouldnt mind covering delivery.
  12. Batista

    Black Friday Madness!!

    SO what was the special price?Its 270 now
  13. Batista

    Hydro grow test advice needed

    Why dont you start with a coco hydro drain to waste system?I found this to be the simplest ,most forgiving hydro and the growth was comparable to standard hydro. I have a 50 l tote with a water pump and a hose with 4 drippers attached to it.Drippers come on for 5 mins x 3 times a day.5 mins is when water just starts running out my pots.
  14. Batista

    420SA GrowOff's

    I dont think im going to have space indoors but outdoors yes def 🙂
  15. Batista

    Attention Nutriplex users

    Awesome man, YOu werent on 420 magazines aswell?