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  1. Does appear external issues are at play possibly. Though hard to make an accurate gauge as there are hawks members on the group who have told others about their presence there in a threatening way from what I heard. In Nantie's case, the constable said he doesn't care what the court ruling said, and that he would continue to arrest. They've charged him with a crime that isn't a crime, possession of cannabis plants - no signs of dealing. The fact that these guys are openly stating they don't care about the court judgement is the main problem and something we as the people need to make sure they face consequences on.
  2. At this point forums are probably the safest place to be. It is a lot easier for a police officer to see the name of someone on Facebook and then to just go from there. It would be a lot more work for them to get information from a forum where they need to serve court papers to the servers and then retrieve user information from the database. I think as long as one doesn't reveal personal information here it should be okay. The problem is one of two parts, corruption and ignorance. There are some officers who haven't read the directive from the commissioner which states that one should only arrest when one is certain that the individual is dealing, and if there is uncertainty, no arrest should take place. And instead, a summons be provided. The arrests are taking place largely outside of the law and only because they know that nothing will happen to them. Other officers are also aware of the fact that they don't get held accountable, so they just blatantly use the method to receive bribes. There was a case recently where a guy on the FB group was arrested with under 5g on him, the police apparently said they'd let him go for R8000 - otherwise the cell. They know the case will be thrown out, but no skin off their back. I'd like to see these counsels who are now formed to 'fight for legalization' actually stepping in and trying to mediate in this. There needs to be action from all these groups in going directly to stations and going directly to those in the higher ups and getting them to understand the officers below them aren't following their directives. And there needs to be more media coverage over false arrests, instead of just the anti-weed PR that police do when they get News24 and others to post the bust stories with photos from the scene.
  3. Guys, things are getting a bit scary out there. And it's a topic that we, everyone in the cannabis community needs to try and resolve. In the past 48 hours the police have raided several Western Cape based growers, taking plants and gear and charging for dealing. I can't speak to the reality of these individuals actions, but some do claim to just be growers. And regardless, it is a situation that everyone should be made aware of. These raids have been on active members on the Cannabis Club SA group on Facebook, which a little scary since I've been pretty active as a personal use grower. It should be noted that the charges given have in most cases not been supported with evidence upon raids, yet they still arrest. Again, it's important to note that I can't speak to whether these individuals deal or not, but there have been some personal use growers who have been raided recently. The police have no incentive to stop at this point, they know the case will be thrown out but it doesn't matter because by the time that happens they already have the plants and gear. Some kind of accountability needs to be pushed on these cops that raid private use growers.
  4. I picked up a COB from Amazon a while back. It was one of the "Galaxy Hydro" lights. They have released a number of COB setups but most were not using any reputable chips. I picked up their 2018 Edition which came with 2x CREE CXA3070. Not quite as good as the CXB3590, but I've been impressed by what this little 110W draw light was able to achieve. I run it in an 80x80 tent. I don't know if you guys know of the autocobs, the dude has a huge following in the autoflower community in the US, since he's quite active over on autoflower.net - but he ships to S.A and the lights are of great quality. The chips are Citizen CLU 48.
  5. The whole situation is very 'interesting'. Because these franchise owners are getting the businesses signed off on by the cops and in some cases the state prosecutors as well. So it's not like they're just opening and hoping for the best, they do have legal paperwork relating to the business. But the fact remains that even the permission they are getting, isn't technically legal. I think it will protect them from local law enforcement for the most part, but I think once the Hawks get a taste of what's going on, shit is going to turn bad very quickly... Both for the businesses and police/prosecutors giving the franchises the go-ahead. I am just not a fan of the way the franchising works... For instance, the Helderberg branch is being opened by two guys who know their shit (Angelos from Mushigoat and Ben from Biltong and Budz), and they have also worked through the police in this. But the difference between a franchise opened by respected guys in the industry and someone with R25k and a dream of getting rich, is going to result in so much different quality between branches. Maybe I'm a bit bias, having chatted with the Helderberg guys, and being so close to it... I'm a bit torn though, because I like the idea of normalizing the concept of cannabis sales, while not really liking the exclusivity in this venture, a bit of a monopoly type vibe. But I can understand why people are wanting to get involved.
  6. trichomechaser


    Not sure if this is the best place for this discussion, but considering it's been a hot topic in the local community news over the past few weeks... I've personally had no real issues with the Cannapax thing, I can see why others may but I hadn't seen anything too worrying until today. I had seen it as a nice way for growers to have a new way to unload their stock, however there were some pretty concerning photos shared on social media over the past two days by Cannapax Vanderbijlpark. They have been showing the stock they currently have, and boy oh boy, it is not fit to be called medicine. It looks like some Swazi grown bud that has gone through some quick dry methods. To make matters worse, they're advertising it as "High THC" just because the claimed strains tested high in lab tests by American dispensaries. These buds are certainly nowhere near the THC percentages that they have written down when marketing it. In fact, the bloody "White Rhino" is pollinated even. I feel sorry for the other Cannapax franchise owners who now have their brand also suffering because one franchise owner is doing this. I know that at least one of the franchise owners who is opening up a store soon, is investing a lot of money with good intentions to stock quality bud, but how do you crawl your way back when the other franchise owners are putting out this kind of stuff?!
  7. Can also confirm this. I've picked up some really good genetics from Biltong and Budz, some pretty exotic stuff, under the breeder packs and breeder seeds section. Though @Master_G if you're looking for what to expect from the cheaper Bulk Seed Bank genetics you've picked up, I'm running a grow diary on them at the moment here.
  8. I've never seen issues with light defoliation in the first few weeks of flower. Some people do a single large strip at around week 2, while others prefer to remove a few leaves a day over the course of the first couple weeks. Personally, I do the latter and I don't have issues. I even do it with autoflowers and don't have issues with losing yield. I just think you need to take it on a plant to plant basis, is your plant thriving and doing well? Then she's probably going to handle some defoliation just fine. If she's struggling in other areas, then adding the stress of defoliation can become a bigger issue than it should. I wouldn't personally defoliate much after the stretch is complete, but still remove a fan leaf here or there if it's blocking a bud site.
  9. I'm hoping to do some breeding later this year, using colloidal silver to reverse female autoflowers. Has anyone here had success with store bought colloidal silver? Finding the right PPM without the addition of other elements into the mixture seems quite tough. I'm aware of the DIY method using silver rods and batteries, but would just like to avoid that effort if the same quality can be found in the stores. Definitely needs to be above 20ppm, but hoping for 30+.
  10. Massive thread bump this... But I ended up adding a 315W CMH to my main tent along with 2x Cree COBs running at 60W each. With regards to the autos. I have run a couple of autos which would fall into the category of super autos. My Barney's Farm "Blue Cheese" auto only started flowering around week 5 and ended up being about 1.2m tall with a 110g dry yield, which would sort of fit it in with what is considered a super auto.
  11. I've ordered from GSR a few times before, and honestly haven't had a problem personally. Though I've seen some others complain. My first orders were Ogre and Alien OG which they had in local stock. There was a bit of a shipping delay by maybe a few days but seeds were received as expected. Then made another purchase several months later with some Supa Gorilla Cookies auto and Northern Berry Gold autos. I received those promptly, with a couple of Apollo's Poison auto freebies in the package, I believe the Apollo's Poison is one of their genetics. I'm in week 4 of flower on the Apollo's Poison now, and the growth was impressive. Was fairly quick to flower at end of week 2. The genetics seem quite good, bud structure at week 4 of flower is perhaps slightly behind some other autos I've run, but still needs to bulk so can't tell exactly how big they will get. This was it at day 40 from seed.
  12. I've got quite a few lined up for the next 6 to 8 months. First I'm going to be running a full auto tent with: - Gorilla Glue (Fast Buds) - Supa Gorilla Cookies (GSR) - Cinderella Jack (Dutch Passion) - Ultimate (Dutch Passion) - Gold Glue (Mephisto) Followed by a winter auto run of: - Gold Glue (Mephisto) - 24 Carat (Mephisto) - Devil's Cream (Sweet Seeds) - And plan to add some Strawberry Nuggets from Mephisto to this Then I have some photoperiods I'm going to run after that: - L.A Sorbet (DNA) - Triple Scoop (DNA) - Choc Mint OG (Humboldt)
  13. Hey everyone, I'm a grower (personal use) and a bit of one of those annoying "Got to taste 'em all" types who wants to sample every possible strain and experience all the pheno combinations. Located in the Western Cape and primarily an indoor grower, though going to give the outdoor a shot this spring. Started growing my first plant in 2002, did a few grows before turning 'straight edge' for 15 years. Then last year I decided that I missed growing too much to just let it go and started smoking again, and growing again too. Currently growing exclusively with LEDs, a 1000W Bestva and a 300W Bloomspect, though looking to add a stronger Viparspectra soon. Have a keen interest in autoflower strains and majority of my grows have been autoflowers now, with some photoperiods also currently running in the tent.
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