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Are these guys OK?


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As everyone else has said, the plant is busy re-vegging as the amount of hours of light is now increasing, so they will continue to veg until next year March / April and then will start to flower if you keep them outdoors.


They're going to be BIG plants. Monsters of note as they are going to have a looot of time to veg.

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I'd pop that bad boy in the ground because the amount of root space you'll need in order to take it through veg from now until Autumn is going to be rather insane. 

Also, if you do take it all the way to next year, remember to trim regularly. Outdoor plants get mega bushy in this African sun! Also, it will save you 1000 hours of work come harvest time. Maybe also treat the plant for pests like with an Efekto spray and then also try treat for powdery mildew with some beneficial bacteria and you should be good. Would be absolute balls to do all the work to take it through veg only for mold and aphids to come destroy your work. 

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