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  1. Posting on behalf of a friend. He has little access to this forum currently. Do these plants look OK? Are they normal? I am wondering if this weird curly leave shapes is not perhaps due to overwatering?
  2. Agree with @Bospatrollie2 and @PsyCLown - I stored mine in a fridge for more than a year and it still budded, so all good (in a container / envelope).
  3. Favourite strains: Chocolope, Cherry Pie, Mango Lush, Girl Scout Cookies
  4. Seems to be, 1) Male, 2) Male, 3) FemaleSeems to be, 1) Male, 2) Male, 3) Female
  5. I will always top, seems like an awesome thing to do. I've done it once with my one plant and left the other one to just grow out. The one which was topped did way better. More exposure to sunlight for the buds, more buds, etc.
  6. Any good vids or guides about turning it into Hash or making an extract? I'm pretty noob when it comes to this.
  7. My harvest was fairly big, at least for my first one I'm quite happy with the results. However, I should probably consider making some hash..
  8. Hi 420SA, I'm not the OP, I have some plants of my own but really appreciate the response!
  9. @SkunkPharm and any and all other people, if I harvest in 7-8 weeks from now when it's ready, do I need to hang it up inside the house or can I hang it up for example under the carport / outside. Obviously not in direct contact with rain and the open air, but under a carport, will that be fine?
  10. I started off by using Vermiculite and I spoke to some peeps that were years in the game. They all prefer perlite, so I tried it and I cannot go back to using vermiculite. Perlite wins for me. It makes the soil nice and breathable and airy Obviously don't use too much. I prefer a 70% soil, 30% perlite mix.
  11. @Green Leaf OrganicsThanks a lot Didn't know about that
  12. Hi Dudes and Dudettes, What's the best thing to use as a stick of sorts to keep my plants upright or to prevent too much bending in the wind? When they were small I used 30cm long bamboo skewers. Now they are almost 1m tall lol... What's the best thing to use and where can one but it? PS: Not into looking for sticks in my local park
  13. I transplanted 2 of mine about 2-3 months ago into 25L containers from 15L containers, and they were not doing very well for about a week, and then they started to recover, now they are doing quite well and busy flowering, so hang in there and don't worry too much. As long as you water them enough they should be fine.
  14. Thanks :D Sent from my WAS-LX2 using Tapatalk
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