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Suntech lights


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I tried those when I 1st started growing, the 100w cost about R110 and 50w R60 from the store nearby. 

They can work for Veg but that's about it, all of them I had eventually blew after 2 months and they get very hot, you can burn yourself if not careful even having a fan running on it didn't help much. 

I probably spent R2000 on these type of lights, ac cobs and "600w" blurple LEDs and they just didnt do it when you flower and you end up disappointed, rather save for a decent LED. 

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Have built an outdoor light setup incorporating 2x of the 50w versions and a 150w led flood in the centre. 

Using it to extend daylight hours and vegging clones outdoors. They do get warm so some active/passive cooling will extend the usefull life. Mine been running for about 6 months and no problems so far.

Doubt they would be suitable for flowering, for a decent indoor setup, those lights won't be the best choice.

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On 8/20/2021 at 9:19 AM, PsyCLown said:

@Hooper Lights are not something you want to skimp on, it is worth saving up and getting something proper from the beginning!

We cant stress this enough. You can get a decent QB for around 3k but i feel that sooner or later you going to want to upgrade your lights with more power so I would look at the lights from the 5 - 12 K range. But it all depends on your budget and the nice thing is you can always add more to your grow, i wouldnt get anything less than 200W tho

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going cheap is the most expensive thing you can do, a good rule of thumb in life but especially when it comes to lighting equipment for a indoor cannabis grow setup. I love that saying "paying your school fees" hahah you're lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of A++ candidates that will just let you copy the answers straight from their tests 😁 

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