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On 6/30/2020 at 8:46 AM, Prom said:

Nice profit on those lamps.. I should go into the grow light business ^^ I got my QBs for a 1.2x1.2 area for 7500...self import.. and I screwed the cables together myself.. and those boards are with Heat Sink, H version diode. 5.500 for screwing a lamp together in 10 mins.. not shabby. Looks like they spend the time after the lamp is done with drinking.. as they can't spend it on customer care.. there is NADA. 

Still nothing.. no lamp, no refund..


What PPFD foot print do they give you for the lamp?

@Prom Nice profit for sure,  you know, when i hear of people taking the piss like this, i laugh and think maybe they using customer lights for their own grows 😂😂 they might as well considering how long it takes to deliver lmao imagine the email response "sorry sir its our company policy to throughly test all equipment before delivery to ensure customer satisfaction" 😂😂😂



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On 9/16/2020 at 5:01 PM, Suge said:

i just went through all your reviews and i am shitting my pants, i just placed an order with them 2 weeks back 😰😭😱 

@Suge hate to say it bud but if its been two weeks and you have no tracking number things not looking promising - solely judging by entries posted by fellow forum members my guess is you have a 20% chance of getting your order, 80% chance of getting fed a line of bullshit, 100% guaranteed to be delayed - seems like dissapointment is the company's mantra

Email them to ask WTF & if no prompt response is received file a police report so they don't get away with this shit because its too easy to replace a website once one is burned and hit you again unknowingly

hopefully you paid by credit card and can file a chargeback, otherwise seems like you'll be waiting a while unfortunately

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On 6/30/2020 at 10:23 AM, Saurus said:

@StickyD420 dude how did you find that online? I'm trying to find that product on Alibaba and can't seem to find it. Would be great if you could leave a link to it. I would probably buy more of those in the future to be honest. Super easy to use etc. 


@Saurus Use aliexpress - tailored to retail as opposed to bulk/wholesale - same company though

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Hi there,

Guys i read this thread

I had a bit of a wobbly experience as well.

Placed an order, that was stuck in processing (was sold out, but was in stock on site)

Eventually got through to the owners, who apologised. and ordered new stock.

The new stock took awhile to arrive. and was held back in customs. 

by this point i thought i was getting scammed as well. 

Eventually i raised my concerns with Craig. He apologised and found it reasonable if i asked for a refund. 

Later i got a call that he had made a plan with another shop which had my order in stock.. he grabbed those and shipped them to me. 
The boards arrived today. and i must say. im impressed. 

Bit of a wobbly experience but compromises where made. 

Most of the horror story issues arose when this shop was using a crappy courier. 

Since then they are using the courier guy.  Tracking numbers work..  no address problems... and i got what i ordered.   (albeit late)

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