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  1. Hi there, Guys i read this thread I had a bit of a wobbly experience as well. Placed an order, that was stuck in processing (was sold out, but was in stock on site) Eventually got through to the owners, who apologised. and ordered new stock. The new stock took awhile to arrive. and was held back in customs. by this point i thought i was getting scammed as well. Eventually i raised my concerns with Craig. He apologised and found it reasonable if i asked for a refund. Later i got a call that he had made a plan with another shop which had my order in stock.. he grabbed those and shipped them to me. The boards arrived today. and i must say. im impressed. Bit of a wobbly experience but compromises where made. Most of the horror story issues arose when this shop was using a crappy courier. Since then they are using the courier guy. Tracking numbers work.. no address problems... and i got what i ordered. (albeit late)
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