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Exposed to the elements

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chillies where great, but back to the cannabis updates for now 


this plant has now been in flower for 10 weeks, which is a week longer than the recommended time, but she's just been getting fatter and fatter, so I am thinking of leaving her for another 2 weeks or so to see what happens, will keep an eye on her trichomes. she's foxtailing a bit, but the buds also keep swelling. the placement of my pots seems to be a little on the shit side, but I am not moving them now 😅 




the bigger plant seems like it's doing better, but I may have cleaned her up a bit too much at some point and she went straight into flower when I brought her outside so she never really vegged any new leaves or branches. she also didn't get to reach all her branches above the screen, next outdoor grow I will veg more, defoliate less, and maybe lower the screen like 10cm. getting her frost on nice and early 🤠









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Posted (edited)

2 outdoor ladies harvested. small one came down 1st of March = 58g. big one came down 1st of April = 84g. 

this is the only space in the yard I have for outdoor cannabis growing, but it seems it wont do as it's only a 3m corridor between the house and vibracrete wall that doesn't get enough sunlight. 

got a 50w flood light in the greenhouse to keep mothers in veg through winter, but no more flowering outdoors for me..... 

with that being said, here's some more outdoor flowers 😅 

had clones requested, but plans changed and I am not throwing plants away so I just put them outside so they can do their thing. not giving too much attention here.

Blueberry Hashplant. 





Deluxe Sugarcane 







And then back to the chillies 🌶🫑 

picking a few of these every other day













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8 hours ago, TikyIckee said:

Great stuff bud. 

With all the hype about indoors ( lights /controllers/ fans/ aircons/ humidifiers/  dehumidifiers etc) there's still something special about letting nature do her thing her way. 


Thanks man

love the doggo! 😃 wait, is it a dog? looks kinda like it could be a bunny? or maybe a cat? 😅 

yeah it's easy to get carried away with the indoor projects, everything is interesting! I wana try out every method of growing all the time and constantly have the urge to completely change things up, maybe add a hydro setup or something. I think I am much more addicted to growing and looking at the plants, looking at setups, looking at equipment for different grow styles and all that, than I am out here for smoking the actual weed 😅 

I see you got a big bush over there! just a random bush or some proper genetics? 

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Hey @Naughty.Psychonaut

That's Bugsy, 🐇 the additional outdoor element that I have to contend with. The pike of junk under the bush is my feeble attempt at keeping him away. He's made my purple punch it his home and one stop snack station. A few leaves for breakfast and it's time for a siesta. 


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Update here, just finished off the Blueberry and Sugarcane outdoor ladies. I'm aware I posted photos of the Blueberry in another thread, but they belong on this thread and I know from my days of lurking these threads don't make no sense if you don't follow the conversations. so here they are, again, 








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CannaSanta swung by in June 🍀 

dropped a load of stuff along with a few selected phenos 

will be making mothers for future clones and what not, few strains I'm excited about, some just came with the batch, couldn't say no... not the everyday drop off



Pineapple Chunk - Barneys Farm

Cherry Pie - Unknown breeder

CannaHealthGenetic#21 - CannaHealth

Sunset Sherbet - Seed Junkies

Peanut Butter Breath - Thug Pug

Inzane in the Membrane - Ethos Genetics

Zweet Inzanity - Ethos Genetics 

Grape Diamonds - Ethos Genetics 

Forbidos - Inhouse Genetics 

Garlic Sherbet - Inhouse Genetics

Platinum Silk - Inhouse Genetics

will be selecting from this batch for future monocrops once I start a new batch. 

will have to do seperate project for breeding, have to work through quite a few seeds and select which of the batch mentioned above gona be used before breeding starts. 


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5 hours ago, Naughty.Psychonaut said:

will be selecting from this batch for future monocrops once I start a new batch. 


Can someone please explain to me how this term ended being used for growing out cut only cultivars/varietals ? isn't it already a monocrop if you are just growing cannabis ? - I've been hearing it a lot lately and its just so confusing because in agriculture it simply means growing one crop and only that crop on your land no ?  

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Posted (edited)
39 minutes ago, Khakibos said:


Can someone please explain to me how this term ended being used for growing out cut only cultivars/varietals ? isn't it already a monocrop if you are just growing cannabis ? - I've been hearing it a lot lately and its just so confusing because in agriculture it simply means growing one crop and only that crop on your land no ?  

well say you're on a wine farm talking to one of the farmers it would be pointless to say "I am doing a monocrop here" and assuming he is talking about grapes only. in most cases it's variety/strain specefic. so when you hear a wine farmer standing on his wine farm saying those words, he means he is growing one specific kind of grape in that specific area of the farm, because grapes grow differently just like with cannabis you got the late crop and early crop and everything in between, some varieties need a bit more water than the others. some need more heat. some need the first sun of the day. some are more frost tolerant. some need more nutrients and all that fancy stuff, which means they all require slightly different conditions and so they end up moving one specific variety to the desired area, so when you really get into the whole farmer talk you'll see the talk within the talk

there's probably better terminology, but in this case I was doing the same here with my little farm.

a "mono-strain" crop 🤷‍♂️

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spelling and saying the same thing twice 🤦‍♂️
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Flowering a couple smaller ladies under the sun


Zweet Inzanity, front right corner, just starting, will have to finish her inside when I have space, don't think there's enough time to finish her outside. 

Last of the Deluxe Sugarcane mother, far back, kept a clone. she's also only starting out, will see how things go.


Last of the Blueberry Hashplant, short fatty in front, didn't keep a clone, she's getting dropped. 


Forbidos, front left, this is the first of her flowers for me, got a big plant I took clones off, clones will be run indoors in the near future. She's a stinker. solid buds with nice colours. 



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