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Exposed to the elements

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I would love to cover my house in solar panels and harness as much energy from the sun as possible, we will get there, but for now I will be making the best of the endless free energy coming from the skies by growing out some weed!! :-stoned

I have always been popping seeds in the ground just trying to get some bud, grew many bag seeds only harvested a couple plants I thought worth my time and effort. These days I wont pop a seed if I don't atleast have high hopes, keeping in mind where the mother grew. I know these days, with the legal thing happening, outdoor gets poillinated more than before so this all will probably change. Untill it does I will probably still be trying my luck with the high hopes and besides that I am lucky enough to sometimes have some special seeds fly my way! 

This is what's happening in the garden right now, two ladies from my buddies special seed bank. Not really a seed bank, but he likes to grow and always have some real interesting things going on!


Last two photos is a different plant from the first few photos.

I tend to spend almost no energy or nutes or anything on these girls. If I see from an early stage some promising signs I would maybe care a little more, but they just doing what they do, stinking up the place.

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Lucky to have what looks like a lady bug from the pics. Yup, he will chow other pests on your plant. Keep him, treat him well, and offer him some bud once cured :-puffin Plants are looking pretty good for just growing at will and not much effort  by the sounds of it.

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Hahahah gona let him chill in the bong if he promises not to fly down my throat when I pull the clutch!

He's not a lady bug, although I have tons of lady bugs flying around, that is not one of them. I was curious, because I've never seen such a beetle. Had 4 big white squares on it's back and two long feelers coming from it's face. Looked rather majestic, even to the point that I was concerned that it might be snacking on my leaves or even on some of the other beneficial bugs I have around such as the lady bugs! 

The two girls came down about a week ago, buds weren't fully matured, but I was facing some troubles. Will post a pic of the buds tonight!

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The buds -

The one - 36g20200430_111307.thumb.jpg.0ee24bc50b3c54755c3bc229b386d080.jpg

The other one - 67g20200430_111257.thumb.jpg.819c7b3e80945530d4cc3f6c9a2c257d.jpg

I live near the ocean and all the sand is white beach sand with just enough minerals to feed the indiginous flora really and a few other real prolific plants, such as cannabis. I have a bedding that's composted about 30cm deep and I've added about 5 or 6 layers of compost over the last 2 years or so. Just to keep the garden alive really, have grown these two plants with no other ferts than whats in the compost and just water from the hose. They turned a bit yellow and then one day the leaves started to die back, there was nothing I could have done to save them, or well the one more so than the other, but I chopped both. They smell fucking amazing, almost sour fruity kinda smells, hard to describe they still curing and it's still changing.

Anyway, this grow is done! Wish I could've pushed the flowers a little more! Will fertilize the soil a bit better and pop few more seed when the time is right. 

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@afternoon blazer

Hi bud,

Just something qto concider when growing out a bag seed, don't hold your breath for the best results here. I grow plenty of bag seed and don't even go as far as to get proper soil for it, because it will make you lose trust in the soil. 

I am not telling you to not grow bag seed, like most others would suggest. Bag seed are unknown genetics and therefore unstable. You'd think you're doing something wrong when it's actually just "wild" genetics. 

Getting some proper soil will enhance the grow experience, won't have to deal with deficiencies and that stuff as much, but don't blame the soil when comes harvest time. 

Just a friendly heads up!

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I get you. I get you.

But right now im not looking for best final product. I just want to grow something until harvest.

Once i accomplish that. I can purchase good seeds and soil and nutrients.


Wana try the grow just to get to the end with the min for now. With covid 19. Cant afford to spend on the good shit. Without know WTF im doing properly. 



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Definitly a valid point, if you're anything like me you'll still keep growing bag seed even after you got proper gear and all that shit hahah!

Cannabis plants also make great compost too, just make sure you don't put a plant with seeds in your compost!! When freshly cut they add tons of nitrogen to the compost and when dried they're good source of carbon. 

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@Naughty.Psychonaut  howzit bro.
Need to ask u a few questions. Since ima first timer and already on the growing path.
I did germinate bag seeds to get the hang of things.
What kind of potting soil should i use to grow in a 5 liter container on a balcony.
I can bring the plants inside at night due to the cold currently. 
Where are you from

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Alrighty, outdoor season is upon us! 🤠 I got myself a few free seeds, just going to be playing around with them a bit, nothing serious.

I have 2 big pots, 60L and 80L, ready for action. Planning to run some clones of mine, but first...

I recycled and reamended some soil for my outdoor plants, but before really planting anything important in it I wanted to see if it's any good. Did a few tests, this is one of them.

These are all regulars so I will be putting them in the flower tent in groups to rid out the males. Then clone all the ladies, number them, flower the mothers and select the best girl for further testing. Will probably end up with 2 plants at the most. Small phenohunt if you wana call it that, but it's not quite really.

Group 1 - Hawaiian Cake in Freedom Farms


Group 2 - Hawaiian Cake in reamended Soil


Group 3 - Trainwreck in Freedom Farms


Group 4 - Trainwreck in reamended soil (added more perlite)
These plants are all between 4 and 6 weeks old, popped in sphagnum peatmoss and transfered to these pots a week after they popped. Only been getting clean water, no nutrients. The only signs of stress was the leaf damage from the few days of heavy wind that smacked their first sets of true leaves a while back when they didn't have any wind shade. They seem to be growing just fine, I have tested the EC of the soil, came in at 4.6, which is really fine for a young plant in an organic situation.

I went ahead and brought out the first clone for the outdoor season, planted her in the 80L pot she'll be in till harvest. Sour Lemon OG


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What's a lazy Sunday if not spent at home all day doing as little possible, some clean ups, reorganizing some stuff and possibly some lazy gardening perhaps a little light extra IPM for the garden 🤠 

one exciting thing that comes from this is digging up something interesting you had laying around and forgotten about! 

this time it was a 2x 2D square frame I had put together maybe over a year ago. some of you might remember an old thread of mine where I built a grow box from scrap materials. I'll have a looksee if I can find a photo of the box... -best one I could find, inside only


This box was 80x80x100, I took the cube apart, but kept the 2 squares that make up the bottom and top squares whole. Originally I kept it like that so it was easy to put it all back together for future use, but since I got a new tent and no more need for extra space I might aswell use it for something else.... and seeing as it's already square and around the right dimentions for this......... so naturally........ 20211101_060909.thumb.jpg.5523300faea07987d26111fcc2756d63.jpg

this is the same 80x80x100 dimentions, it just doesn't have the 80×80 square at the bottom. 

structure got some brackets keeping the feet in place, sturdy as hell. if I lift the frame the pallet lifts aswell and so the whole pot and all. this wasn't my plan as I already have the green stakes to train the plant, but what's a little extra support? the 100cm tall frame might need to be reduced, although the Sour Lemon OG is sativa dominant in her growth charactaristics, so I am expecting at least a lot of stretch. Plus, remember the 80x80 square that's not being used at the bottom? I might just pop that in as a second layer in the middle if the plan't doesn't get that tall 😉 will see how she does cater to her needs 

16 days only in this pot and she has really taken off


I had to put down a few bricks, at first I had the soil covered just with acacia brances, to keep the cats away, but they just end up playing with the acacia branches and mind you they're the monkey thorn kind, the one with the hooked thorns, no idea how a cat does that shit, they sometimes even climb our monkey thorn tree 🤦‍♂️ what the f, you can't move in either direction when close to these branches without getting caught up in them, this is literally a nightmare tree to deal with, but not for the domesticated king of the jungle I guess 😅


beautiful thing how nature can be so gentle yet so unforgiving 


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Thanks man! 

Sun light is freeee, clones are free, soil is from a recycled batch, there really is no reason to not be growing something outside 🤠  

Yeah basically I just run a EC test on the used soil, got a shit load of it piling up, EC came in at 2.7... perfect for young plants. So I really didn't have to do much to the soil with regards to re-ammending. I just filled up the big pot up to 70% with the old soil then added a nice 10cm thick layer of worm castings to fill the top of the pot. This was done in early August, the pot was left to stand in the rain and sun just like that for a whole month, then I just flipped the soil and mixed it around a little. EC is now at 4.7 so I am expecting to start feeding her during late veg, but will probably just top up with worm castings again. 

nothing fancy 😁

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☝ the soil we're talking about here is the load in the big pot above, in the post where I mention the Trainwreck and Hawaiian Cake plants I speak of another test I am doing with some re-ammended soil. I had a bag of sphagnum, mixed into the same recycled FF + wormcasting mix and it came out really nice but I felt it needed some perlite and now I am happy with the mix. 

that mix will only be used for potting up cuttings or seedlings. it's more focussed on aeration and root development than providing feed for the plants

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16 minutes ago, Naughty.Psychonaut said:

Yeah basically I just run a EC test on the used soil, got a shit load of it piling up, EC came in at 2.7... perfect for young plants.

Just a question, but why test the EC of the soil when growing organic??? Or have I misses something along the thread??? 

Last season I played around with PH when I grew a plant with mineral feeding to compare harvest totals etc, but not EC cause I didnt have a EC meter. To this day, I have never used a PH or EC pen for my garden. 

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Well, before getting into this I have to ask, have you ever experienced "hot soil" or heard of anyone planting into organic soil only to have their plant curl up and turn to toast? 

You see, I don't really like the whole "no need for testing because it's organic" that a lot of people throw around these days. 

If the saying was true at all then why would organic soil end up toasting a plant? The fact is that organic soil can and surely will become too "hot" and you can definitly experience nutrient build up in organic soil just as you do with synthetic nutes and coco and there are ways to go about fixing that. I've seen oaks throw away whole plants because they repot into some "fancy" soil then they don't do any tests and call it a loss and call out the brand that makes the soil. I was almost that guy...

In my thread "back at it like a crack addict" you can see that there is without a doubt such a thing as "too much" when it comes to EC in organics. With a simple quick runoff test I saw that my EC was higher than 9.9... flushed with clean water (just like in coco/hydro) got the medium EC down to 3-4, plants exploded with growth. finished with the biggest harvest I done to date. 

after some seasoned growers where stumped and couldn't really provide me with much help because they "didn't believe in testing organics" and I almost lost a whole crop if I listened to them. 

Ph is a whole different ball game. Not all organic soils have the same buffering capabilities or work only in certain range and what not. I think the biggest impact is actually the difference in pot growing and earth growing. When growing straight in the earth I wouldn't ever mind checking ph, but when it comes to growing in a pot, especially when recycling soil that contains coco which starts breaking down and releasing magnesium over time and as you know magnesium swings can cause PH swings and also a pot with soil in has a defined microbiome, if you keep giving water with ph that is way out eventually you'll end up changing the micro activity in the soil and soon to follow will be the ph and then plants will not uptake as they should and this is when your EC starts to climb. 

with all this said, you can 100% even have plants growing straight in the earth that experience nutrient lockout because of root damage caused by either ph swings or simply a root that hits a mineral pocket. 

one cannot dictate how nature should behave so promoting no tests on organic is such a loose end argument, not that I am saying this is what you're promoting. I just don't see why a seasoned grower will tell a new grower to not do test, when testing will just help the newbie to understand and read the soil and plant better.

I say test everything even the things you think you are sure of 😁

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another interesting titbit I found during all the testing and shit,

I got a Sour Lemon OG from the Emerald Triangle that's a sativa dominant then I have the Banana Hammock, a heavy indica. Two very different plants.

Just doing some check ups and testing to see what's what, and I found the EC in the two mediums where quite different. What threw me off first was that all plants seemed fine. SL had hiiiigh EC around 8 - 9. BH had a normal EC 5-6. 

I quickly realised I really shouldn't care what people say, because I was given 100 different reason as to why that would happen and that I just needed to practice discipline by not messing up when giving nutrients and be more sure of what I am doing and and and.....

Skip a few weeks, after giving different nutes and trying to get the EC of all the mediums the same, what do I find? A lovely toasted Sour Lemon OG plant, fucked. Because I listened to people instead of the plant. 

I never messed up in the first place, the reason for the EC difference was cause the SL doesn't want any feed and the BH wants more. Even something as simple as the genetics of a plant will have impact on the EC in your medium.

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my schedule has not allowed me to pay full attention here, so I will be passing off this project to a buddy who can never have too many plants. 

they're sexed and selected. from the 6 x Trainwreck I got 2 keepers. from the 12 Hawaiian Cakes I got 3 keepers. just need bigger pots to make it to end of season or perhaps going straight into the earth to be grown out, not looking at breeding or anything specific anymore. going to be making some extracts with these. 

I topped the pots with some kak looking compost, just getting some food in the soil, but they'll be repotted soon and the barky shit on top will be discarded. 

left - HC, right - TW


TW 1 - leaves canoeing abit, think it's just heat related. 20211123_074136.thumb.jpg.08742b29f57f3bd880ba9ba90d5dae39.jpg20211123_074214.thumb.jpg.bfdc2c2492f2597d544603f904a150e0.jpg

TW 2 - she's small, but we've all heard it can be the stragglers that bring the terps and frost, keeping hopes up


HC 1 - all 3 of them stink like someone stepped in dog shit 😬


HC 2 - 


HC 3 - 



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so quite a bit has happened and changed around here, thinking you're one step ahead of things can sometimes mean something entirely different than what we hope 🤦‍♂️ had the SL OG prepped for a 15 to 16hr light cycle before putting her outside beginning November, put her in a spot where she gets the earliest morning sun till the latest afternoon sun, but days at that time was only 13 to 14hrs long. so she started to flower, showing me how one step ahead is not good enough when there are so many variables. 

I don't trust "the seasons" anymore. I will dedicate an area for outdoor grows and mount a LED for future, next years outdoor light cycles bound to be even more flipped. only way when talking light cycles.

I made a few cuts of the SL OG, took the whole plant out and decided to keep the pot empty for a while till I can see others vegging outdoors, had another 60L pot ready for a host so I decided to test one of the Hawaiian Cake giveaway plants, took the stinkiest female and planted her, took about 2 weeks till she went into flower around 14 Nov. 

Waited till 10 Desember, can't wait any longer, planted a Deluxe Sugarcane cut in the 80L pot, saw she's going into flower a few days ago. 

The poor HC got smacked with the recent wind storms, lots of leaf damage, luckily she acted as a wind break for the DS. 

Not sure if this plant wants to continue flowering or making foxtails now 🤦‍♂️

HC -





DS - she's doing great




some of my chillies and peppers in the greenhouse 🌶🫑



Habanero - big leaf



Cherry bomb - perfectly round and turn crimson red like a little cartoon bomb 😁


Cayenne, at the back - must have


Bell pepper


Sweet pepper


Jalapeno 🤠 


Then we have some outdoor grown chillies and peppers as I was running out of space inside the greenhouse, I cut back a few plants and planted them straight in the earth in an unoccupied little corner in the garden 😁 

Bell peppers









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Got a fresh roll of toilet paper sitting in the fridge for this weekend 😳

Jalapeño poppers coming right up!


Habaneros getting ready


got a few cayenne still drying along with a few cherry bombs


probably gona whip up a spicey butter chicken along with a couple Jalapeño poppers should make for a nice ring sting on Saturday morning... 🤘🥵

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